Notes When Applying Yogurt Masks To Ensure The Most Optimal Performance

Yogurt is not only an attractive dish but also an effective beauty material with the skin of sisters. However, there are notes when applying the yogurt mask that many people do not pay attention and still make mistakes in the first place. The yogurt mask helps remove dead cells that appear more on the skin and the body. The dead cells form a thick horn on the skin, causing the skin to become dry and dull. The appearance of dead cells causes pumpkin pores, switches and will not get the essence from serum, moisturizing cream,

... yogurt mask can soften horns, so the elimination of horns will Easier
2. Mask whitening whitening whitening skin is one of the great uses of yogurt masks. Lactic acids are in yogurt inhibiting production of an enzyme-This is the cause of skin pigmentation that becomes dark. The essences in yogurt help remove dirt on the face and make the skin tense and bright smoother.3. The yogurt mask provides moisture for dry dada is a condition due to lack of water, and is very vulnerable to dry weather. Yogurt helps provide skin moisture that makes the skin more smooth than 4. The yogurt mask prevents the excellent usual use of the yogurt mask that is to help rejuvenate the skin and increase the elasticity to make the skin firmer. The yogurt mask contains a powerful antioxidant that can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lactic acid in yogurt that helps improve the situation of wrinkled skin, soonly notes when applying milk mask Sisters need to "memorize" 1. Do not use the usage yogurt to use the use of yogurt very short, so when the yogurt expires is not allowed to eat and use beauty
Because expired yogurt will produce a lot of harmful bacteria for the body, changing additives and substances with metabolic beauty are no longer available as you head. Using damaged yogurt on the skin can leave many serious problems for the skin.2. Use immediately after opening the lid, do not leave the refrigerator is one of the notes when applying the yogurt mask using yogurt right after opening the lid because then yogurt is frozen, when yogurt to stay temperature Long will become a liquid like a milk. And then the use effect will not be as desired.3. Do not use regularly, if used on a lot of skin can cause skin corrosion and can irritate the microorganisms after fermentation. So only yogurt mask should only be covered by 2-3 times a week. The time of masking is only 15 minutes, then have to rinse with warm water. Applying too long nursing masks will be drawn back in.4. Note when applying yogurt masks is to choose yogurt to cover the face to select non-sugar yogurt to face the face, can use Greek yogurt because this yogurt flow is more dense than normal yogurt so when applying Up to face will be easier. The yogurt mask has great use for your skin especially in dry weather when the winter is coming. However, notes when applying yogurt mask is extremely important for us to know more about the characteristics of using yogurt masks and avoid accidentally hurting their skin. Nature (General)

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