Notes When Choosing Toothpaste Helps To Improve Oral Health

There are many different types of toothpaste on the market that are not all kinds of your dental. Instead, you should find out components and marks before using.0: 00/4: 22 male content: 1. Select toothpaste suitable for oral condition2. Select ADA certified toothpaste on packaging3

. Choose toothpaste with the necessary fluorine content4. Consider buying toothpaste whitening teeth5. If you are infected with the gum disease, choose the toothpaste prescribed from the doctor who chooses toothpaste suitable for oral health, needs and age of each person
Many cases of buying teeth-brushing drugs are based on impressive advertising packaging on the toothpaste shell, but it is unlikely that the type is suitable for his oral dental. Without serious selection, it will make their dental care every day become less effective.1. Selecting toothpaste in accordance with today's oral conditions in the market often have 4 types of toothpaste for separate categories, specifically: Fluor toothpaste contains fluorine: Helps reduce tooth decay and protect teeth from the effects Human harms by strengthening teeth enamel to combat acid effects and helps to regenerate teeth. Using fluorine containing toothpaste is the best way to ensure the benefits of minerals and dental. Choose toothpaste suitable for oral health, age and needs of each person. Photo: Internet Read more: - Professionals Ly prizes to brush your teeth should not use mouthwash? - Brush your teeth daily but not everyone knows how to brush your teeth to manage plaque control and teeth: if you are People with multiple plaque and are not removed often and properly, they will accumulate and freeze on their teeth, this is a tartar. The more accumulated teeth will cause gum diseases. Therefore, toothpaste preventing accumulation of plaque and forming tartaries containing components such as: triclosan, cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine will be a good choice for you. You regularly edit your teeth when you eat hot or cold food, choose toothpaste containing anti-peeling components like Potassium Nitrate or Strontium Chloride is the right choice
Usually these chemical components take several days to relieve pain and prevent themselves, so don't be impatient too.kem brushing teeth whitening: Smokers Many cigarettes often have dull teeth or people There are many stains. Selecting whitening toothpaste contains abrasive particles and tooth polishes will be able to pull stains out of the tooth surface.2. Selecting toothpaste with ADA certified on the Certified Certified Toothpaste firms of the US Dental Association ADA will ensure the quality for you. This is a way to help you alert to countless toothpaste that is not overwhelmed by advertising information. Choose ADA certified toothpaste on the packaging. Photo: Internet3. Choose toothpaste with the required fluorine content in a certain amount of fluorine. Fluor is a natural mineral available in the water, which has an effect on increasing tooth decay and teeth. Although there are rumors Warning Many Fluor can cause a number of certain health impacts but not yet There are scientific evidence convincing enough for this. However, dental experts still recommend that toothpaste with certain fluorine content to ensure strong roots. Choose toothpaste with the necessary fluorine content. Photo: Internet You check this Fluor content on the packaging of the product, with a unit from 1350 - 1500 PPM Fluor is in the level of permission. For children under 6 years old, you should note using another type with the content Fluor is about 1,000 ppm to help children prevent tooth decay.4. Considering buying toothpaste Whitening Teeth One of the most reasons who use these types is want to whiten yellow and dull teeth due to cigarettes, tartes, many plaque ... However, in the component Whitening teeth have abrasive substances. After a while, the teeth surface became rough and made the yellow arrays tightened more tightly. your. Solving this problem, you should dental examinations periodically twice a year to detect timely dental problems.5. If you are infected with the gum disease, choose the prescribed toothpaste from the doctor who chooses unique toothpaste just suitable for people with normal oral health. So if you are suffering from your gum or teeth, it is too sensitive to buy toothpaste that should use the product prescribed by a dentist. Although the reality still has many ice cream users Brushing your teeth for unique sensitive teeth, but if you have used and feels ineffective, the best way is to go to the doctor. The dentist will advise and prescribe a suitable and safe toothpaste for your gum teeth. Before

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