Nothing Funny By Calling The Seasoning Shipper

Before the efforts of translated technology drivers, many customers have sought to express gratitude for the referees when they were fortunate to receive Hoe.0: 00/3: 49 South regions set delivery services in The time of distances more difficult to make many people not disappointed but are not rare cases where customers find ways to express gratitude to technology docons when they are fortunate to receive hoogers. Become a "lifesave buoy" for millions of people during a way of stretching. understanding the hardships on a very beautiful delivery in the behavior of many people are encouragement to the doctors. These days, Gojek app received hundreds of positive comments on fanpage and on the app store

. The majority of users express gratitude and sympathy to the doctrines still work during the period of distance. Thanh Nhan, Binh Thanh District, share: "My house is infected with Covid-19 Can go out to buy food, sewing but asks Gojek's doctors still to assign food, helping my family get delicious meals, healthy health quickly surfing through the disease. "Ordering in the middle of the season is not easy Because "Canh forever gets a single", however, Thanh Vy (Go Vap District) is still very grateful: "Thank you the driver to receive delivery for me a lot
I was rejected for 2 hours, fortunately, I received the application, I just turned the food to my friend. Really thank you ". In this stage, the drivers sometimes have to spend a queue to buy goods or have to go to the road 2-3 times as many blocked areas, but many schools Falm is also free of charge when there are difficult cases. "Thank you very much for free delivery for children as well as other students who are having trouble. I wish you and my family are always healthy, trying to overcome this season, "Thanh Hang (District 10,) shared. The process of technology drivers not only passes through countless quarantine latches, but There is still a nanly container: Tire tank without a patch shop, the rainy rain, taking the test ... but above all, these are dangers lurking when they have to contact many people along the way and stay stops. Therefore, the doctors must also be very careful to protect themselves, then go to customers and relatives
Test technology driver according to regulations from authorities. Thanh Tung, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City The gathering praised the professional goal of the driver Gojek by carrying his goods before, he was talented and sprayed very carefully, actively 2 m away. Standing from the distance still heard English lazle reminded himself carefully. Perhaps, no one has experienced a 5k rule like the technology shipper ". Thank you for not only stopping at 5 star reviews ... Before the efforts of the translational technology driver, many customers Unfortunately praise: "Give him 10,000 stars", "A great driver" ... the appreciation of customers also transformed into a very practical interesting action like a cup of cool water for a sunny noon or a few dozen Thousands of "tip" are generous. A customer shared: "Delivery fee is not much, but this season has someone who accepts a single being happy. So even though I borrowed a total of 200 thousand to spend, I still spent a little to tip for the talent. Price but there is a little left, I will send you more. "Many customers also sent a message to the company:" Hope Gojek has more support programs for drivers so they can peace through the season This translation. "In fact, from the beginning of the translation until now, Gojek has given many policies to driver partners. Most recently, this enterprise announced a cash support package of VND 4.15 billion and sent straight into a tens of thousands of driver partners in Vietnam - the biggest cash support program for technology drivers influenced by this Covid-19 epidemic. Gojek is also a pioneer registration for vaccination to prevent Covid-19 for tens of thousands of driver partners. Tuan Duc, General Director gojek Vietnam, said: "Livelihood of their driver partners I depend very much on the possibility they are circulated on the road. The growing impact of the pandemic, when both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are implementing strict social ways, meaning that many people will have to struggle to ensure everyday life. We would like to thank the driver partners who have been very resilient in the past and hope that Gojek's support will encourage the spirit, helping to share some of the difficulties of partners and families in This stage ".

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