Nothing To Say When The Role Of Children Is Hated?

First time, Bac Tien made a drama. She was selected by young directors to send gold 'and pediatricians, in the movie '11 May'. Specializing in the beautiful, cute and cute shoulders, the first time to challenge themselves in a role that requires premonitions 9: 00/5: 31 namlý domains do you accept the word "May 11 days"? Venerable actors: The film said the current youth issue, the guys, her are too independent, thinking I can do everything. But they do not measure their thoughts and actions affect people around a lot. The content of the script is too attractive to me, because I am also a young man

. The director of Le Do Ngoc Linh said the role of children in "May 11 days" is a challenge that is also a chance with the possessions. Do you see it? Generated actor: I received the script since last year, but perhaps due to the epidemic situation, I just flew in Hanoi to make a movie. Now I'm still in Hanoi
When I received the script I was interesting, because this was a big challenge to me, the role of children was different from the shoulders before I turned. This role is more colorful, deeper. Pediatric characters are also different from me in real life. Small example: in the scenario, pediatric characters are close to her father and grandmother. I found myself with the advantage of in real life, I stick with her. But in the movie, the baby wisdom carved to her. In addition, I am very affectionate to her, so this is a challenge when transforming. Many people knew, from my baby was not near their parents. I don't know how my daughter's feelings are. I don't have a live experience
This is more difficult to play me when immersing ... Necious once granted the female role in the "sun descendant", the Vietnamese version (Photo: NVCC) beautiful girl, slender as you seem to try again Challenge, explore yourself? Nobally actor: That's right. I went to film "May 11 days" in the mood just excited, just suspiciously. Don't know how the rotation process will take place, how to first broadcast the audience? ... This is the first time you are in Bac Tien to join the drama? Venerable actor: Oh, sister Remind me to remember. That's right, this is my first time in Bac Tien to make a drama. I don't know how this E-Kip worked, how did the brothers and sisters perform, don't know if I have to get along with ethods or not ... how many questions come out. And the most difficult thing is: regional language. I have a male voice, of course the character that allows me to use a male voice. But the different regions, the voice together was quite difficult because I hadn't beaten the brothers and sisters in the delegation. Even while working, I have to talk to each other when I don't understand it all. Everyone exchanged with me for a while, I turned to ask: What is it, I still don't understand. (smile). I'm quite confused because if it's like that, the work schedule will be delayed. But I try to get acquainted and broke out many things. Example, this outside uses the word "okay", "nhá" rarely use the word "home". The southern girls said: "I love you too." Outside this, don't say that. The North said "I" not "I" ... I am a man who should keep male voices, not much change. I didn't dare to fake the North accent. But this is also the opportunity for my magnetic radio better, pronounced more clearly. I observed other actors who also learned many things, there were previous things I never knew. The bank in the role of Pediatric Pediatrics, the movie "May 11" Quang Thang said: Find an actor Non-editable as possible in Vietnam now very difficult. Why can't it not edit, while many female actors pay attention to "refurbished"? Nobally actor: I don't oppose aesthetic surgery because the industry offers confidence for many people. But with my personal, I am also a job now, and using a lot of face. Moreover, I also practiced sports, practicing martial arts, hitting, punching, kicking, if unfortunately, I probably lose my career too! Later, when I was old, I will fix it. At that time, the new refurbishment was not late (laugh). Why did you choose to practice with the Boxing Department? Venerable actor: There is a time when I have a break. But then come back. Boxing teaches me many things like concentration, patience, endurance, hardship. So during this interval out of this way to film, my free time I enlisted to practice sports, to be able to have health, mindfulness. A scene in "May 11" with acting The director of the director of "May 11 days" is young. Is this interesting to you? Venerable actor: First time, I haven't used to Eyones. But all these sisters are cute, enthusiastic sharing, hard to sit down talking to each other. At first, I didn't understand the director but later everything was fine. The three brothers sat together to exchange the character, when he started to understand each other, working very quickly, very easy, smooth. Almost no difficulty. New children have been hated. Do you read the audience's comment? Nobally actor: I also sneaked (laugh) to know when watching the audience to think about the movie, about the character. I see old

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