‘nourishing’ To Prevent Translation

Ho Chi Minh City stretches his epidemic, has tried his best, fought at all costs, but the epidemic is still outbreaking and has no signs of stopping. The number of people infected in the area surpassed tens of thousands, plus the number of people in F1 in the ways of Li ... actually weighed heavily on the health system

. If not nourish, there is no solution to change the situation, the overload, rupture is inevitable to avoid 9: 00/5: 09 nam southern way. For a long time, Ho Chi Minh City people have also selfish ways. The recent community infections are mostly "force majeure", with few outbreaks of the people lack of community consciousness
Saying so to understand that translation is an objective fact and needs to know how to "live together", not only the will because the "optimal" results have been achieved before. Buddha has a very good commandment "Thinking about the body, don't pray for no disease ...". Disease is an inevitable thing, it comes and follows the rule of nature, does not depend on anyone's subjective will. People can only choose the attitude of "behaving" with it so that the least lose. In this translation, although the number of people died from disease in the world is much lower than the daily, lower traffic accident Much compared to the percentage of patients died of cancer daily, but it eroses the economy, spires, eroses the whole health system, eroses national resources than ever ..
Showing national resources, social resources have been mobilized almost as much as possible, the health system has been executed and supposed to be the number one priority of the country. But the disease must still pull Long, we have mobilized the strength to successfully operate this outbreak, the risk of disease returns to still, when the epidemic is still raging in many other countries and international trade Can stop. There is a fact that a lot of my friends, it has been taken away after being infected with Covid-19 only by self-treatment at home, only with sauna, saltwater, drinking antipyretics, th Elessorizing, resting, giving birth, eating enough substances, lifting resistance ... Although they are living in civilized countries, there are economic resources as well as healthy health conditions. . And experience in many other countries shows that no country uses all resources to prevent epidemics, because they accept reality to the spirit that cannot limit or eliminate disease sources only Treatment of patients to minimize the number of deaths. With rapid infection, the number of people contaminated continuously increasing with a hierarchy, no medical system in the world can do it, and The more you cannot sacrifice economic resources to persist with a pandemic. The medical system can only be used to treat people with severe symptoms, at risk of death from Covid-19 virus infection as well as other pathologies. The economy is also required to have a health that can be effective against epidemic. There is a reality "supporting more" even in the country as well as other countries that not anyone infected with Covid-19. Most patients can restore themselves to know how to take care of their bodies, ensure hygiene and know how to limit the risk of cross-contamination to the community. Even Covid-19 patients were included in the Institute, in the current concentration area, not everyone needs medical intervention, despite normal health care conditions in hospitals and ways It is good at home, most sick people still resist disease and many patients who have removed by themselves are one of the most successful epidemic countries in the world by thoroughly, total The force "knocks fast, defeat". However, in today's situation, the epidemic has broke out on a large scale, the war has moved to the stage of "strategy of resistance". This is the time that we really face the outbreak of the epidemic, but it can also be considered lucky when many other countries have faced this situation sooner. Anti-epidemic of countries, can be seen, effective epidemic is based on the community, both drilling people and creating durability for the health system. That is the determination of priority order to focus resources, cannot stretch on every route, it is easy to lead to overload outcome ... that priority order should comply with treatment and treatment criteria The general patient's physician, is based on signs and symptoms of pathology for treatment, emergency patients, emergency priorities, patients who have no horror symbols, reduce the priority order to practice medium to arrange resources and human resources into the treatment of Covid patients with heavy progress. Besides the entire population vaccination strategy, creating community immunity, the process of community infection should also be accepted As an inevitable consequence. The health system cannot strengthen, mobilize the entire resource to "control healthy people" and eliminate all sources of infection in a long time. Therefore, the patient is not dangerous, no symptoms

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