‘now, We Are Breaking Up’ Episode 6: After How Many Days Of Ignoring The Song Hye Kyo Agree To Love Jang Ki Yong

In Episode 6 of Now, We Are Breaking Up, Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) did not let anyone ruined his career and stood up for his team. She also started showing more emotion with Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) .0: 00/3: 40 nam 0000: 00/01: 15now, we are breaking up 6now, we are breaking up episode 6, The affection between Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) is a truth in the truth about Ha Young Eun's old love is Jae Guk's intestinent brother. The harsh truth was after 10 years she knew her farewell day was the day he was dead. Join Ha Young Eun, regret and regret it that day extremely

. The emotional door for Jae Guk seemed to close, but after many times, the two were decided to create new memories. The Now We Are Breaking Up Movies There are new changes designs Ha Young Eun was OH in A stealing the design of Ha Young Eun stolen the sketch of Ha Young Eun for her upcoming fashion collection OH in A (Song Yoo Hyun) stolen. Hwang Chi Sook (Choi Hee SEO) has questioned them, even though she knew Young Eun would never copy the work of anyone else
While, Chi Sook still couldn't hide the bad feelings His for his friend because of jealousy with Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong). After that, the two argue in the office of Chi Sook.Seok do hon thought Hwang Chi Sook liked him to cute couple while Seok do Hoon (Kim Ju Hun) called for Sook to return the Chi The scarf she left in his apartment. And she said he could take it as a gift and as a sign showed their new relationship. Do Hoon misunderstood about gestures and thought she had feelings for him.Hwang Chi Hyung feels faulty because of suspicion of Jung So YoungThe violating behind the leaked design is Ahn Sun Joo (Moon Joo Yeon ) Rather than Jung So Young (Ha Young). She admitted that because of his greed, Sun Joo secretly struggled with Oh in A. Do confessed by her, Ha Young Eun faced Oh in A for manipulating her subordinates. She felt threatened when Young Eun confidently told her that she would sue if she copied her work again. While, Hwang Chi Hyung (Oh Sehun) felt sorry when doubt Jung So Young steals Ha Young Eun's concept
He tried to apologize to Jung So Young, but the only way to let her forgive him for accusing her to help her to invite Hye Rin a model Famous modeling for her collection.Jeon Mi Sook looks very miserable after knowing I have Pancreatic Jeon Mi Sook that we have pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Jeon Mi Sook ( Park Hyo Joo) began to feel miserable but still tried to be optimistic in front of friends. Ha Young Eun and Hwang Chi Sook were confused by her sudden change of mood. Even her husband, Kwak Soo Ho (Yoon Na Moo), didn't know what's going on with Miss.Jeon Mi Sook finally slept on Ha Young Eun's spot because of so much. Jeon Mi Sook lost his career and herself because of his family, now unhappiness continued to come to her. HA Young Eun also said with Yoon Jae Gukhaa Young Eun moved by Yoon's Express Jae Gukhaa Young Eun was busy with the work but Yoon Jae Guk still occupied her thoughts every moment every second. One night, after thinking for a long time, Ha Young Eun decided to accept the love of Yoon Jae Guk. The handsome photographer did not hide the excitement of what he heard from the woman he liked. They decided to get rid of the past memories to start again. Unfortunately, Shin Yoo Jung (Yoon Jung Hee) jealous and didn't want to see Ha Young Eun was happy. Yoo Jung is said to be the future wife of Yoon Soo Wan (Shin Dong Wook). They had a previous arranged marriage, but Soo Wan loved Ha Young Eun in Paris. Since then, when Yoo Jung knows Woo San and Young Eun, she decided to make Ha Young Eun's life becomes miserable. HA Young Eun has been opened with Yoon Jae Gkt 6 Now, We Are Breaking Up marks Ha Young Eun's affectionate movement (Song Hye Kyo) for Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong). Let's with SAstar follow the next episode on Friday and Saturday every week!

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