Ns Thuong Tin Hidden Corner: Put Your Wife For Finding A Sun Truth, So New Conditions With Your Lover

'Mr. Hoang's screen "has experienced many love affairs and failed marriages. At the age of afternoon, he is struggling, uncompromising.02: 00/2: 12 nuns south to NS Thuong Tin, the audience will remember the role of Major Luu Luu expectations in the series, the Bach Hai street The loudness in hunting robbery, six minds in Saigon, eight injured in the battlefield divided half of the moon. A series of roles of the cult and the advantage of the excretion soon took him to the peak of fame, causing many people to admire

. Thuong Thuong Tin Tin, he was peak, he was considered to be the most talented male talent Vietnamese cinema. Many pink shadows came and walked across his life. Up to now, Thuong Tin has experienced four wives, but only the first wife is married and disseminated
They have a son and divorce when the kid to 5 years old. Marriage of the head broke, the actor remarried with another woman, but not how long, this person also made a lifetime . Later, he went to another step, so the coast with Mrs. Hong Nhung, the daughter of a friend, he was inferior to 12 years old. The third marriage is with your daughter who loves your love Thuong Tin, Ba Hong Nhung tried to stop. However, despite the objection, she still came to male actor in love with love. Love to Hong Nhung lasted up to 11 years, although there was no wedding or any kind of marriage. Overseas for 11 years, Thuong Tin suddenly discovered a sun truth, he was familiar with Hong Nhung Having an abortion of 5-6 times, if you continue it will not be able to have a child anymore. Although he aspires to have children with his lover, Hong Nhung is the one who doesn't want to have children. After that, the two of them talked frankly and went to the decision to break up, he divided the pink velvet half of his assets
Tin broke up with pink velvet in smoothly through 3 failed marriages, thought Where, NS Thuong Tin will live in a single life, unexpectedly, at the age of 58, he goes more with the less than 32-year-old girl and goes to his father. 4 of NS Thuong Tin is Kim Chi, she used to be a lover of your trust. Unfortunately, her lover of life, Thuong Tin was on the caves for a long time. Fire near long straw also sharp, two people should be graceful and gave birth to a fairy daughter. The current family of trading artist age 65, he has a struggling life, difficult. Kim Chi used to hold back to his hometown to live, but now returned to care for him.

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