Ntk Do Manh Cuong Received More 9th Children, The Sixdo Family Added A New Member

On the evening of August 16, NTK Do Manh Cuong was promoted when notified on Facebook Personally received additional foster children 9.Not when it was possible to say NTK Do Manh Cuong was the national father, east of Vietnam showbiz when In turn adopting children at different ages over the years. Each baby comes to the Sixdo family there are different stories, but they share a point that is spending a lot of feelings for the father. Strong Cuong. After each decision to receive a certain baby for care, nurturing, NTK often says it will not receive any more to be able to take care of them

. However, then for many reasons and debt grants, he received more adopted children. On August 16, NTK Do Manh Cuong was moving when sharing information officially adopting more children. The sharing of NTK Do Manh Cuongchia will share the reason for adopting the 9th child, Do Manh Cuong said: "I come to my father at a very difficult time of the world in general, Vietnam or Dad in particular
Duyen's children and his father are too big, so that's not because of the difficulty that he likes to look at the orphan now. My mother died after birth, her father was not interested in their existence. "The image of the baby elephant was shared with the same time, this talented designer also revealed the desire to build a resort area Small to adopt orphan. Under the comment section, many Vietnamese artists such as HONG VAN NSND, MC Thanh Thanh Huyen, supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, ... and the audience expressed its appreciation of the heart of 'father Hey 'This is. Before that, in an interview, Do Manh Cuong revealed the meaning behind the brand name of the Sixdo family: "Sixdo is a charm after receiving 6 children. It is a brand attached to the purpose, the meaning of humanities I'm doing and later the children will continue to do it. Sixdo will be a common house of orphans, not just stopping at receiving a few children "

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