Nun Ajahn Langama – One Of Australia’s First Monk’s Monks

Nun Ajahn Vayama, founder and abbot of Nunnery Dhammasara near Perth, Australia, recently preserved on November 20 at the age of 70.0: 00/2: 24 NAMNI NAMNI LANAMA is considered One of the first Theravada nuns was conducted in the West in the West after life of Bhikkhu-ni on October 22, 2009 in Australia. Bhikkhu-ni is based in Australia, Assistant : "We are regretful to know that Ajahn Langama, one of the first monks in Australia, chaired after a long time facing the disease. May the monks liberate from all suffering and enter the ultimate Nirvana ". Before returning to the battle, Nun Laiama worked as a social worker

. At the age of 25, she came to Sri Lanka and met Bhikkhu-stilts Nyanaponika, a spiritual guide at that time, and also from there, she began to study Buddhism. Later, when the mother suffered a cancer, the teacher moved to Australia and cared for until she passed away. Family Ajahn Langama with a 1985 disciple, Nunners who are born in Sa-ni in a Tu The new institute was founded by Bhikkhu-ni Ayya Khema for Nuns in Sri Lanka
In the next 10 years, the monk continued to study in Sri Lanka and witnessed the bloody civil wars. After leaving Sri Lanka, Layama spent a year to practice under the guidance of the monk's guidance Ajahn Sumedho in England at Amaravati Monastery. In 1997, Nun returned to Australia at the invitation of Ajahn Brahmavamso, director of the Western Australian Buddhist Association and the abbot of Bodhinyana Monks monastery, to attend the inauguration and take over the Dhammasara Nunners near Perth City . Here, the monk faced a lot of difficulties in building before the facility was completed in 2001. The same year, the monk received the first practitioner, and later became a disciple Sa-ni first. Australia's nuns have grown so slowly but steadily and are increasingly massively known by the masses. In 2009, Nun Laiama was treated with Bhikkhu-ni. During this period, the movement of women in the traditional Theraveda has grown strongly worldwide. In 2011, after a while facing illness, Nunners gave the abbot of Nuns Dhammasara For others. The monks are held by the Western Australian Buddhist Association at 15:00 Sunday, November 28, 2021, at the Dhammaloka Buddhist Center
The program will be broadcast live and those interested may participate in the online form to send the Words / Enlightenment

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