Nutifood Sweden Launched The Duo ‘listening To’ And The Community Dedicated To The Vietnamese Elderly

After more than 20 years of the companion on 'Healthyway' and many Vietnamese generations, Nutifood once again affirms the listening and understanding consumers when launching new products, bringing European standard quality But especially in accordance with the characteristics of the elderly and patients in Vietnam.Nutifood Vietnam and the Nutifood Sweden Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS) have applied European Nutrition Science Corporation with more than 20 The year is deeply understanding the character of adults, poor eating people, sick people in Vietnam to successfully develop two lines of Nutifood Sweden Värna - Complete and Diabetes products with "nutritious nutrition Sweden - Understanding Vietnamese needs ".Värna Complete with FRP formula (*) to help prevent health decline when older and restore fast health. Värna Diabetes with special formulas and blood sugar indicators Low 26.9 Helps stabilize blood sugar dedicated to diabetes, depreciation Method and diabetes of pregnancy

. At the same time, Nutifood Swedish Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS) and Nutritious Experts in Nutifood Vietnam also launched the elderly community "Värna - listen to healthy living", A meaningful and humanistic playground with the mission for a Vietnamese elderly community "Live happy, live well, live more quality". Inspiring from the Lagom art Lagom of the Sweden always highly value of "Listening", Nutifood created a playground to the elderly community that could be proactive in listening to himself, as well as listening to sharing useful information about health, listening to private Interesting pants from experts. Besides, children, young people when visiting the community also have the opportunity to listen and understand more about health problems, adult psychology; as well as attending nutrition classes with experts and updating useful information to take care of parents, older elders
Tran Thi Le - General Director Nutifood Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company said, Community "Värna - Listening to healthy living" under the advice of leading prestigious experts in Vietnam and Europe will continue to organize counseling, listening, sharing, connection, experience Meaning and humanity to build a Vietnamese Elderly Community "Live happy, live well, live more quality". Especially between the epidemic context, the more significantly means when supporting the elderly practice listening to the mind and health at home without having to go far between this sensitive moment. "Värna Community - Listen to stay healthy to pursue Sweden's Lagom live art, listen to the heart of the elderly in response to it, leisurely. Along with two Nutifood Sweden Värna products with the message "Palace Swedish Nursing - Understanding Vietnamese needs, "Nutifood will help Vietnamese elderly people towards a life with a healthy mind inside a healthy body," said Doctor, emphatic. (*) Fast Recovery

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