Oan Resigned

In the past, there was a man with two wives. Big wife without children; The small wife was born a very beautiful, cute son, so she was pleased to be very happy.0 of about: 00/6: 08 men's big wife in the mind is very jealous of her wife and her child, but outside fake Love as her intestine. The boy was one year old, in the house everyone thinks the big wife always looks like his uncle, so no one has doubt. At that time, the big wife made a big hand, she used a small needle stabbed into the very deep ear, filling his uncle's skin, which could kill people without leaving any trace

. The baby cried, narrowed, but everyone in the house nobody knew the reason. Seven days later he died, the big wife also pretended to cry. Particularly, his wife was small because he remembered his child, sadly crying all night, lying long didn't eat and drink
Later little grandmother knew she had a big harm to her son, trying to avenge. She went to the temple, the tower asked the Bhikkhu-stilts: - Major Germans, a person who hoped to fulfill his wishes, what to practice? What do teachers teach? The bowl of boys, the wishes will be like the same as that. As she was born. When the gender returned home, seven days later died, the life after life was a big wife. She was growing later, giving birth to a very cute girl, but only one year old was died. She was too sad, cried out of pain even more than the suffering of a small wife. Thus, the small wife died and returned to birth to her grandmother to seven times, or lived only two years, four, five, six, or seven years. Each of the birth returns has a chance, better than the previous time. After all, she gave birth to a little girl, grew up fourteen years old that was betraying to him, but only sick in a night, and died. She grew crying, sad pain unable to remove oralgaining, all night crying, fearless injury; Try to keep the child in the box without covering the lid, every day looks unfortunately
More than twenty days later there was an A-la-Han saw such a situation, troubled to try to chemels. He went to the house to begging, she sent someone to bring offered rice. He refused to receive him but told the person: - I want to meet your owner. The person who maids into the house: - He wants to meet a boss. He said: - I sadly wanted to die, how could it be possible Meet Sa-Mon? You because I bring the real offer, then invite them. The help of bringing the object to offer Sa-Mon, but he still tried not to leave. Sa-Mon said: - I just want to meet the owner. So the help must go in, come out a few times, that Sa-subjects still refused to leave. She sadly doesn't know what to say. The Sa-subject kept standing there, refusing to, causing her intention. There was no pattern, she immediately told the maid: - Let's invite Sa-Mon. When the Sa-subject comes in, seeing her the beauty of the pancreatic, tangled hair tip, hiding to cover the face . Sa-Mon said: - How do you have to be like this? She said: - I was born before giving birth to seven girls, wisdom, cute, but all died all, and my last girl Big, the age of Brooch has just died, causing me to be too sad. Sa-Mon said: - Repair your hair, wash your face decrease, I'll talk to her. stop. Sa-Mon called her to say: - Where is the small wife of this house now? Why do you have to die? She when she heard such a thought: "Why can I know?" In her lap, she was a little scared, afraid. Sa-Mon continued: - Make sure to prepare for a decent, I will because you say it clearly. Then she has been able to carry out a neat-haired hair, I said again: - She knows me The little wife's boy Why die? The big wife when he heard that, only silence, did not answer, in the shame, didn't dare. The Sa-subject continued: - You killed my son, its mother sadly sadly cerebral and must die, praying to be born as a child to avenge, so it tries to be your child before seven times , that's the guy. She wants to use the pros and suffering of losing children to harm you. She now tries to see if the daughter died in the coffin, to know how his daughter is now? She came to see, seeing the body of nothing, leaving, the foul could not come close . Sa-Mon asked: - Have you seen and understood? Why don't you try to think about? The big wife is so shy, wrongly shifting the rotten people. At that time, she was awake, according to Sandismen to ask for a while. Master Sa-Mon taught: - Tomorrow morning, go to the pagoda to celebrate. The daughter died, the whole blessing, hugged the enemy hatred to poisonous solids, knowing the big wife or the temple, it was available in Road to wait to bite her death. The big wife that went to the temple, the snake crawled down the way for her. It was bright, she was scared, thoughtful: "I want to go to the temple to meet Sa-Mon, this snake Why stop, don't let me go?" Sa-subjects learned it, immediately went to it. When I saw Him, she was very happy, immediately to the ceremony. SA-Mon

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