Just a moment of neglecting each other, blinking, nothing else ... So don't catch women waiting, hope and then have to .

.. disappointed.0: 00/2: 15 nam southern people are short, don't Just pursue distant things
I took each other, didn't have a calm and safe life? There was a later time, he suddenly craved his noodles with her hurriedly hurriedly in late at night, crumpled scandal of two children to eat when watching the film to close to the recovery, craving the smell of kitchen only two fruits Fried eggs, a cup of fresh milk split and a few talls of culade. Sticky, she has a lot of floral dresses to expose to fray colors. But still feel peaceful. Then he raced the job, a few nights home. He communicates far away, all weeks don't eat a house with her. He chased in the same coin and flowers outside, she was here, only alone. Many times she called him not to listen to the phone, there was a message about him but didn't mess a question again ... not to mention, he had a few seven love, she knew, pretended
Sometimes, he didn't know that she smiled at him but in her heart like thousands of needle nose. She hurts, but it's not because she loves you, she still hopes he will change, he will come back to her to say the words of love. It's time for you to be full of things I used to Dreamy, she, also sent. God, the woman is not a senseless object, only knowing around the corner of the kitchen, the porch, waiting for him to hold her hand. Women who are always meals remember him with their heart and faithfulness, just if he forgot than one forgetting her, then, she will leave her hand without saying anything. For her, the past time is too much enough, now it's when she wants to let go, she wants to find his own life. She couldn't wait for him any more, she couldn't cry, because her heart was too painful ... Nobody kept having a place to wait for a person to wait and run away. Love needs sympathy, understanding and always towards each other. A girl can spend the whole year of spring to love someone, but they can't wait in it ... only a moment to neglect each other, blink, there was nothing ... so don't catch women Wait, hope and then have ... disappointed.

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