Obsessive Fragrant Grilled Mi And A Scarf Covering God

It is known that the headscarf team is to avoid the Lord's gaze and judgment when eating mammoth meat - a small and beautiful bird species of cuisine, people often think of right The world's most quintessential and class dishes. But few people know that France is also home to the most cruel, cruel and sinful dishes. Among controversial dishes, there is a baked mi artifact. The beautiful bird is a beautiful bird, with a charming song, so many lovers are loved by many people. They are very small, only weighing about 30g and are quite rare

. It is difficult to imagine, this type of bird can be arrested to kill cruelly because of human culinary pleasures. Dharma, the shirts are hunted to make Ambelopoulia or baked eyelashes. This is a luxury dish only for nobility and many people's money
To do this dish, people put traps hunting mature shirts in nature. After hunting, the birds are locked into a tight cage to limit the maximum of movement. It is stuffed to eat cereals, nutritious foods like millet, raisins, fruits Sung no matter whether it is hungry or not. Even so that the birds are naughty quickly, people still blind their eyes, so that they are so wrong to be at night, need to eat more. After reaching sufficient weight needed and Perfect fatness, the chef will drop the shirts in Armagnac to die slowly. This process is for the flesh of the sweetness of the sweetness of alcohol and the skin turns yellow olive.When has completed all the steps above, the chef will wedge and even marinate a little spice and then grill in the word 6 - 8 minutes. After grilling, the shirts will be yellow and wake up on the fragrance extremely mesmerizing people. However, people who eat dishes also need to comply with special rituals, which are white bosses on their heads when eating.Theo traditional, diners eating baked micro-mi is not cut into small pieces and use knives and dishes as usual
They must chew from the sections, release the bones and remove the head. At the same time, throughout the process, do not remove the headscarf. It is known that the headscarf team is to avoid the look and judgment of the Lord when eating mammoths - a small and beautiful bird Beautifully. Because of the barbaric in processing and the number of bird species is increasingly decreasing. This dish is causing great controversy. However, because of the excellent taste so many people despite the moral barrier to eat. According to Learn, and in 2007, the French government issued a hunting ban with a maximum penalty of 6,000 euros (about 150 million Copper) to protect this bird. The killing and processing of the shirts are also banned throughout Europe.TUY, now, this dish is still transmitted, the market selling birds to make meat still thrive and the price is expensive Reder than readers watching videos: Discover the best rice dishes in Vietnam to look like it. Example (SH)

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