Obviousness – What Kind Of Fruit Grows Outside With Any ‘hot’ That Sells 400,000 Vnd / Kg?

The type of wild fruits associated with the childhood of many countries now have a lot of expensive prices but still hunted by many people who buy it with an instant. Children in the neighborhood are all over the roads to find the rabies fruits for fun? If yes, you must have tried to cross the lull (or fruit, and the squeeze range depending on the local call). (Photo: Thuy Minh) This fruit has a unique shape, surrounded by a thin layer of films, swelling. When nine, the membrane turned yellow should look from afar, such as tens of tiny lanterns hanging. (Artwork) The enemy ripe is ripe when eating with a light sour taste, quite fragrant should have become a favorite dish of many rural children

. In addition, because of the flask and cooling very well, it is usually used by her, the mother cooks both trees and fruits to bathe children, treat itching, urticaria. Scientific, enemy fruits contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants .
., have very good use with health. This fruit is sour and very good for health. (Artwork) This fruit type is processed into many delicious dishes. (Artwork) The day before, the romance is a wild fruit, but it is now hunted and highly valuable, sometimes sold for VND 400,000 / kg. Also thanks to the great uses above that many young people have been looking to buy lulls for processing into different dishes such as juice, mixing salad, baking, jam ... as a way to supplement "rejuvenating" Body. Currently, lulls are quite expensive, can be up to 400,000 VND / kg
(Photo: Thuy Dung) Rachel Pham (General)

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