October 14 Will Air A New Movie In The ‘criminal Police’ Series

Information from the Vietnam Drama Production Center (VFC) on 8/10 said: The movie 'mirror mirror' is located in the famous 'criminal police' series to air vtv3, Vietnamese Television Male from 14 / 10. The film "mirror mirror" is located in the famous "criminal police" series that will air vtv3, Vietnam Television from October 14. Photo: Hanoimoi.com.vnphim has interwoven the disadvantage investigation factor, family psychology and deep messages about happiness, promising to continue to appeal to television audiences

. "Mirror mirror" Tell the story of the journey of flowers, a female detective female writer finding a father, who is a famous aesthetic doctor and spare - close friend, and the captain of the team of investigating agencies to have more Material for detective series. The story of the murder in the beauty salon of Thanh Cong is also when she enters the journey to seek the truth about her mother's death. But the deeper it comes into understanding, the more bewildered, the flowers suffered, suffered a lot of damage but during the danger, the flower is the bridge to connect family members together
Finally, after a long journey, the evil had to pay for a destriction. Everyone in the family realizes happiness only until we know enough, every tragedy originates from greed and hatred. The trust, mounting in the family is the motivation to help members overcome all turbies ... The film gates to the famous actor, internal force, creating a variety of characters, lively, Waiting for. In particular, the Elite Artist Hoang Hai leaves many impressions with the audience who loves dramas with skin roles, from the blood tycoon in the underground world to the police officer, dedicated. In the "mirror mirror" Elite Artist Hoang Hai assumed the role of a doctor - a mysterious person, difficult to identify well - bad, even to relatives did not know how many layers of masks on the face Husband, father of his father. Luong Thu Trang "escaped" from Minh "aggressive" in the "sunflower sunny", incarnation into the shoulder of flowers - female writer writer is full of emotional but not missing tough, reasoning when standing in front of family events. Ngoc Lan man once took a lot of different types of roles, from the right to a villain, but when receiving the role in the "mirror mirror", She spent a lot of time studying the script to fully implement the role that I was very interested in my heart
Ngoc Quynh continues to prove internal strength, a multi-colored character, Hide a lot of secrets, hires. Ta Anh was familiar with the audience with the image of the criminal police officer but this made him further and changed to the shoulder to become more vivid. In this movie, he was the captain of the team investigating the outdudes, assertive, jubies, but the other side was a warm man, cared and hard for his lovers. "Mirror mirror" is the ending The combination of the pieces of the pieces is strong in criminal segment as director Bui Quoc Viet and director of the image (DOP) Vu Trung Kien. Director Bui Quoc Viet was known for many works such as "cold ash mansion", "silver swamp", "Question 5", Vu Trung Kien is also known for "judgment". Both are extremely invested in "mirror mirror" with the desire to bring a psychological film, criminal with storytelling stories, organizing different, impressive images. In the series "criminal police" Has created a strong impression in the audience's heart, "the mirror mirror" next to the investigation of a concentrated breakdown with a struggling journey, struggling between reason and emotions to find a secret. story Psychology is included through a series of facts, situations, strict details, logic, hard to guess, creating a unexpected surprise is the special attraction of the film.Ha Trang (VNA)

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