Official: V-league 2021 Has No Champion, No Rated Team

The Vietnam Football Federation Executive Committee issued a decision to cancel Vietnamese professional football tournaments, V-League 2021 will not have a champion, no team relegation in 2010: 00/1: 24 South Vietnam / 9, the Vietnam Football Federation Executive Committee issued a decision, stopped and did not continue to hold national professional football tournaments in 2021 due to the development of Covid-19, including: V-League 2021 words Hit match 13; National first-class football tournament 2021 from the 8th match and the 2021 National Cup football tournament from 1/8.HAGL Dishes Championship V-League 2021 (Photo: Duong Tram) .Theo, do not recognize The collective and individual according to the Charter at the V-League 2021, the National First Football Award 2021 and the National Cup Football League 2021; Do not apply up - relegation at V-League 2021 and first-class tournament. Organization and VFF will base on the professional results of clubs to the end of the 12th round of V-League 2021 as a basis for reporting The Asian Football Federation (AFC) in determining the representative of Vietnam to attend AFC club level tournaments in 2022 is based on the current licensing standards of AFC.Theo decision on, V-League 2021 will There is no champion and there is no relegation team

. This is quite unfortunate for HAGL, the team played very well before the V-League 2021 was canceled ./. PV / VOV

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