Officially Allowed To Open A Bank Card In Online Form From 2022

The State Bank recently issued Circular 17/2021 / TT-NHNN amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 19/2016 / TT-NHNN regulating bank card operations 09: 00 / 0: 00 Southern menu officially allows opening bank cards in the form of online since 2022 accordingly, Circular 17/2021 / TT-NHNN supplementing regulations on issuing card issuers can issue debit cards and cards Credit, Prepaid Card identifier for the Cardholder is the individual by electronic method. Credit clearly states, the card issuer must develop, promulgate, publicize the process and procedures for issuing cards Personal by electronic mode in accordance with the provisions and laws on prevention and control of money laundering and legal laws on electronic transactions, relevant legal regulations on ensuring safety and confidentiality of customer information and Safety activities of card issuers, including minimum 5 steps. The most common is collecting information and documents needed before entering the issuing contract and using cards with customers to identify customers and Prepare the trading level of the debit card, the prepaid card identifier, credit card according to the regulations. Goods on behaviors are not conducted during the process of opening and using cards issued by electronic mode

. Next is to provide customers with the issuing contract and use the card according to the specified and real content Currently, the contract to issue and use cards with customers to ensure the legal provisions of electronic transactions. Finally, the name of the name of the card issuer, the name or trade brand of the card, card number, The validity period (or the effective start time) of the card, the name of the cardholder, the scope and function of use of the card, the prohibitions in accordance with the law when using the card to the customer. Onions are decided to decide measures, forms and technology to identify and verify customers serving card issuance by electronic modal; Responsible for arising risks (if any) and must meet the minimum regulation requirements
Card issuance organization Based on the technological conditions applied when identifying and verifying customers to assess risks , decided to apply the transaction limit of the customer opened by electronic mode but must ensure the total limit of transaction (including cash withdrawal, transfer, payment) of the debit card or a prepaid card identifier or a customer's credit card does not exceed 100 million VND in a month and does not carry out foreign currency withdrawal in foreign countries, international payment. Circular 17/2021 / TT-NHNN effect from January 1/2022.

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