Ogo Group And Ambition To Gradually Take Bali Laundry Water To Become A ‘national’ Product

Options to develop in the field of consumer consumer goods and bringing their products into one of the 'national' products is a difficult problem that OGO Group is working hard to implement (00 / 4: 05 NAM NAM Bali Washing: Choice to become a focal point? In countless products that have laid the foundation for Ogo Group, this enterprise has chosen Bali washing water to become a key product With the desire to create a breakthrough, match the current top brands. If it comes to washing water, it is certain that Vietnamese consumers will not hesitate to mention the leading major brands today, and It seems that these products have become an inherent "habit" of Vietnamese people. Because of this, many businesses often choose "dodge" common consumer products that hit the niche market - The less known products, which are the strategy to become the most popular business strategy today. Completely contrary to Su Medicine thinks of the majority, Ogo Group decides "upside down" when choosing Bali laundry water products to become a core product that creates the coating for its business. "Our views are a bit contrary to the thoughts of the multi parts

. Although the washing water market and washing milk are being considered the exclusive "battlefield" of major brands and almost no land for new brands, but, we consider it an advantage when Direct competitors only in some small brands. The advantage of Ogo Group and Bali Laundry Water compared to the rival is something: We are also consumers and we understand the problems Vietnam encountered as well as the tastes of customers. We believe that setting the quality of products to the top will be the "key" to reach success
" - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thu (Representative of Ogo Group) shared. Thanks to that bold thinking, now, Bali laundry water has been successfully becoming a "national" product in Vietnam and is used by many customers .Products "2 in 1": Ability to save incense to 24h, do not leave sediment on clothes to shorten daily washing time for housewife, washing water and bali washing milk are integrated between the ability to do Clean deep of traditional washing powder and ability to save incense to 24h of fabric softener. Besides, these two lines still solve the inherent problems that traditional washing powder often encounter - washing powder leaving residue On clothes, washing water and bali washing milk completely dissolved into water, foaming and deep cleaning from the inside of the fabric. Bali washing water with 2 scents: wooden grass flower and spring sunny flavor capable of storing scent up to 24h, eliminating smelling sweat throughout the long day of activity. Bali washing milk brings the scent of German perfume, with a rich aroma and for the ability to save longer than C Evil traditional washing powder products. The complete dissolving capacity in the country also plays a role in the scent that penetrates deep into each fabric. Thanks to this capability, Bali washing water and washing water can replace fabric softener products that still bring softness and scent for clothes. "Organic" components: Lighten for worry users With the use of washing powder when washing your hands because the ingredients have a lot of detergents that directly harm the skin
The proportion of washing machine users in Vietnam is still not high, because of this, the creation of washing water is not harmful to hand and safe skin for the skin of young children is the task of many businesses towards. Understanding this, Ogo Group has brought products with natural ingredients, not causing skin irritation. Quality products, suitable price Vietnamese money bags studied and developed with home systems Standard machines, every product of OGO Group Joint Stock Company must undergo a sturdy testing process before reaching customers. Ogo Group always wants to bring useful products and suitable for consumer bags, so right from the early days has always shaped the brand's product in the mid-range segment with overcoming quality Superior. Besides the "national" product washing water and bali washing water, now Ogo Group is holding many other quality products such as: nano curcumin with the use of improvement of stomach pain, gynecological spray Bali, Bali oral dental, ... And there are many other quality products.OGO GROUP - Accompanying the head office address: Apartment 4NV4B - 10 The Manor Central Park, Nguyen Xien Street, Dai Kim Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.sdt Contact: 1900636895Website: https://ogogroup.vn/

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