Oil To Open Lid, This Time Is Easy To Cast Cancer

In addition to choosing a suitable cooking oil, you need to pay attention to the time of using cooking oil after opening the lid. If overdue, it is best to leave instead of being used for food processing. Eating machines are one of the indispensable foods in the kitchen in every family. Like other products, cooking oils are also available, clearly informed on the packaging. However, the expiry date tells us to know the best oil use period, very rarely Information about oil use time after opening the lid

.Theo health expert, cooking oil after opening the lid should be used within 3 months. After opening the lid, the lid should not be used for a long time, the cause by opening the lid, oxidizing reactions in the oil will be accelerated. In particular, the habit for cooking oil next to the heat source, causing oxidative speed is much stronger
Besides, cooking oil for a long time (especially peanut oil) can be infected with aflatoxin - capable Strong cancer. Regularly consuming this poison causes great damage to the liver. Even, only 1mg aflatoxin is can cause cancer. Divided with aflatoxin infection, oil will have a strange smell, cook up will be very taste. Instead of retention savings, you should remove to ensure the health of family members. Based on the time after opening the lid, you should not use cooking oil if they have a bad smell. Using this type of fried fried, not only affects the flavor of the dish but is not good for health. Specifically, if the oil is not in beautiful and darker and darker than the time to buy, sediment, the bottom of the bottom bottle should not be used. The recommendation of the time to use the oil after opening the lid, sisters Pay attention to preserving cooking oil properly. Like other cooking spices, oil should be placed in a dry, airy place, avoiding the sun and the heat source
Closed the bottle cap after use. This job contributes to avoiding dirt to enter, limiting oxidation status. The opposite stability of cooking oil in a metal bucket or a bottle is wet because the water inside the vial can have bacteria, making cooking oil stool Cancel and vulnerable. If you buy a large cooking oil bottle and want to extract it, only in plastic bottles, clean, dry glass. Do not pour and new oil and new oil for storage. This way of doing oil is prone to metamorphosis, creating smoke and strange smells when cooking. Photo: IT readers watching videos: The effect of green beans to health. Source: hanoitvên (th)

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