Ola Electric Motorbike Can Go Away 181 Km, Equipped With Cruise Control

OLA S1 and S1 Pro will be 2 new electric motorcycle products in India.0: 00/1: 51nam region of Southola Electric has just announced information about 2 new electric motorcycles will be released in the Indian market Ola S1 and S1 Pro. Production house turned on, not only using batteries such as other electric motorbikes that two models also owned common operation technologies on cars, OLA S1 standards available 121 km, maximum speed of 90 km / h and Ola S1 Pro reaches a maximum speed of 115 km / h in the same distance of 181 km and hypermode (S1 standards without this mode). 7 inches are equipped with 1.8 GHz Quadcore processor with 3 GB RAM

. In addition to Bluetooth and integrated GPS, OLA S1 is also equipped with a micro and integrated speaker set that allows voice commands. The car can be booted without the key through the control panel or close to the driver's smartphone. The LCD control board can be customizable with access via the touch screen
Through Bluetooth, the driver can control the remote car, check the battery capacity, battery charger status, send a position to the phone to the phone ... the car is also equipped with the Cruise Control system (S1 Pro), Control slope climbing, reverse number. 8.5 kw engine is designed and developed by OLA, bringing maximum torque of 58 nm. Ola Electric does not publish the parameters on the battery set. The ambition manufacturer installation of the "super turbocharged" network with more than 100,000 charging points on 400 cities in India, providing the ability to charge the battery for S1 with a range of 75 KM in 18 minutes. The suspension system is quite simple with front and rear shock absorbers. Ola S1 uses hydraulic disc brakes, vehicle trunks with a capacity of 36 liters
Ola Electric's website said the car has a starting price from 79,999 rupee (equivalent to 1,078 USD). Customers can order in September, delivery batches starting in October. Phongpaultan

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