Olaha’s First Practice In The Day Of Slna

Foreign troops Michael Olaha officially had the first practice with Nghe Nghe team. Even in the first training session, the Nigerian striker showed him very well with his teammates. After 2 years of competition in the shirt of Hapoel Kfar Shalem (Israel) striker Michael Olaha has officially turned Back to the army for the old SLNA team. Photo: Duc Anh Before the Nigerian foreign soldiers had 3 years of playing for SLNA, he scored 29 goals after 125 play matches at V.League

. In 2019 Olaha moved to Israel and head for Hapoel Kfar Shalem, scoring 11 goals after 34 matches. When a new sponsor SLNA had a series of moves to bring the team back to the heyday. In this campaign Striker Michael Olaha is one of the important factors that Nghe Nghe team wants to bring about to bring effective on public goods
Photo: The first day he returned to exercise with the former team of Nigerian foreigniers showed him to integrate very well playing with his teammates. Olaha shows its ability with supreme fitness, skillful techniques and tactical labels very well in the same way to move smart. He was very highly appreciated by his teammates in this return day. Photo: Bhl's first 5th episode for the 24-year-old striker is handling the ball in a narrow distance then in collaboration with his teammates to escape the enemy's attachment. This is also the strength of Olaha, he shows the ability to handle his technical balls along with it's attention to other teammates. The weakness of this Nigerian striker is the ability to remove so far in the first time he gets BHL for many episodes to better improve this ability. Photo: Duc Anh's greener and a number of players such as Van Duc, Xuan Manh was given BHL to practice the ability to penetrate the fence. Photo: Ong Anh's present in Olaha will bring SLNA more attacks. He will be the "divided fire" with Phan Van Duc to help SLNA is diverse. Olaha and Van Duc will be a combination of waiting in this period of Nghe team
Photo: Germany Anhhlv Chief SLNA Nguyen Huy Hoang said about SLNA's squad in phase 2 of the season. Clip: Duc Anh Anh

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