There is a path we have gone on it for 3 years. The road in the old days is a red land, which is a jagged pipes, which is the stone ... It is familiar with us so much that, I closed my eyes together, where I went to, which commune, about to come Who's house

. Today again on that path, everything has changed but emotions seem to remain intact. Knowing how to celebrate, how many sadness of a dreamy period suddenly bounced up as a slow film 9: 00/3: 52 namtay namtay in a white shirt. (Artwork) That day, our batch was even naive so when passing in a third school, everyone was all waiting for, looking forward to a fast time to enter the school
Then that day arrived, the first time we went between a large campus with so many green trees; The first time we have new friends from many different communes; The first time we knew there were English-speaking teachers like the wind; For the first time, he was taught by teachers who had to take care of his chest to keep warm in the cold winter days ... mentioning to remember, in the past, our students were mostly poor so there were not many clothes to wear. In winter, it was usually wearing old clothes inside but shining to the school and still colds. The cold winter is that in the summer, the summer is harsh, burning, especially in the winds of Laos, adding the sea wind to make the faces of our students who look like old age This day, the level 3 school in me was late school meals having to climb the wall because the car was broken; As the days of nodding for a teacher to answer questions without understanding anything; are lunches of hungry stomach stomachs because of the morning get breakfast as now; As the rainy day the wind must go to the red soil mud school ... but I remember more than beautiful sunny days with friends and chat; The teacher tells stories about the lesson; Be mailed by someone to send me a mistake to send a mistake to a friend of the same name in the classroom .
. My class back then, most of them are female, many of you have the most beautiful names so more Italians on the board. But there is also a male friend who is named daughter so the first time is often called "sister" that the whole class is laughing and laughing. Just for the last year, the road to school also seems Shorten again. We began to hustle with exams, night studies that don't know that it makes the memory and the health of new boys as we decline. The summer of that year was special. Throughout the school yard, Phuong Nhu hatches earlier, the sound of ran is not stopped; The rains of clouds suddenly came, suddenly as I deliberately joking ... I didn't know when, now our play is no longer carefree. Who cares for your friend, what industry is, what is it easy to apply for a job? ... Some of you choose to sit still in the classroom, the eyes look through the window, sometimes Turn the book to save something like sending my mind. I personally interrupt a phoenix branch pressed on the white paper page, this fearfully lowered the charm to make a phase, afraid to be able to pack all the memories that are filled with little heart. Carved me to realize, everything fused and sometimes spread far away, like the other phoenix over time was also swept away by the wind; The angry, happy pleasure; Honored dreams know how many days ... time absorbed. My level 3 school is now transferred to a neighboring area with a new, more spacious, more proud. The road to school so there are also changes, but the feeling of walking through the school gate is still very familiar as if to remember me, there is more than a school roof, I used to belong here before and forever. Going on the corridor sequence through each class, the hearts suddenly when they encounter a shape of the old people? That's right, that day was someone who stood under the rain carved on a tree with a lovely love. I don't know how to transfer, do that tree aren't there, do that the words are still printing worm waiting for people back? Suddenly remember the lyrics of the song that one time soaked: ... "if you have a desire In this life, remember the wish for the return time in the same day, giving each other the nostalgia to smile still forever on the lips, on the lips and in the ... old memories! "

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