Old Letter 3 Years Ago Saved My Own Life

I wrote myself a letter when my tired and weakest, playing 'myself of five years later' chat to save 'the energy loss' at that time.0: 00/3: 04 domain Male in modern life, folded with too much depression, stress, loneliness, anxiety, conflict ... even experiencing injustice, suffering

... has gnawed the energy source of each person
To get rid of sadness, depression, no longer energy ... how will you do? There are many ways, such as treating yourself well, changing yourself, let go ... but the way I am successful is to write a letter to yourself. About 3 years ago I wrote me one The letter in those times seemed to be tired and weakest. In that letter I played the role of "I am 5 years later" to chat with "the energy loss of the moment". I succeeded when writing letters to myself
Artwork. On August 11, 2018 Send loved sister of 5 years later she wanted to say that she loved and proudly about me, sister. I was 5 years older and she believed she still had a lot of time to try and effort on the way I chose. I will face a lot of difficulties, hard and even I will stumble many times, you know there will be nights I can't sleep and want to give up all the way, sweat and the eyes have fallen . But she believes no matter what happens, I will stand up and the next step is to run, go or cow, I will move forward to achieve your goals. I have a lot of confide for you about my goals, about I have two small boys and I love them more than anything in the world. I can do everything because of them. They are lovely. They are love is also a great motivation for you to succeed. Because only when I was successful, I could become a bright example for my child. I told her, children learn best by making an example and I would not just be a mere mother, I would become a person Mother is strong and energetic and the pride of the children. I also talked about the goal of developing themselves to make a sample and examples for mothers like me, in terms of women, have a weak but maternal rights have been resilient. I believe I will do it, soon. There is no easy way, only the right path and if I choose, I just need to do it. Happiness and prosperity are waiting for me at the end of the road. And every day on the road there are many supporters, encouragement, loving and inspiring you to continue, there will not be any obstacles that can prevent me if I continue to go with one The heart gives go wide, with sincere gratitude and love from the bottom of the heart as now. Looking back at the last few months I have grown and grew up much, there are many people feeling Thank you for the values they receive, because they are happier and more positive every day. Love you and proudly about me a lot, I will always watch and cheer it for me. Pepper, I am 5 years later after 3 years of accidental reading the letter suddenly finds themselves really greater. Illustration. If I finished the letter, I had carefully put into a box in the bookcase. Leaving it was not up to 5 years, but only 3 years passed I happened to reread that letter, suddenly see: "Oh, I was successful and really greater than myself." Of course when I wrote my letter, I didn't think thanks to the confidences in that letter that I saved, "The one who was losing energy" wanted to die at that time. Now I gave you a moment Reaching force to have life becomes better than yesterday. An An Hanh Phuc Consultant - Family

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