Old Love Is Divorced, Her Husband Is Happy To Welcome … ‘confide’

Last Saturday night, I visited a sick student so late, when passing through a discreet motel lying deep in the alley, I wanted to go down because I saw Phu, my husband was hugging tightness tightly Effect before both rush to the reception to receive the room key ... 0: 00/3: 12 Navigen HAPPY: InternetHo Phu at the beginning of the village, Tam's house is near the middle of the village and I at the end of the village But not so we become distant. In the morning, Phu also woke up soon, kicking the car to the pile, old to the center of Tam and Passing to my house to invite me to ride a car to the level III school in the district for time to go to class

. Running a bicycle with a distance of nearly a dozen kilometers is a small story, and for a long time to go to know, from the time when cycling goes to the time when the school cycles, we don't always be happy, so far away. Things are all three years at all levels to each one. When I parked the Pedagogy University, Phu Labor Export Did the University of college slipped, staying home to review a year to try for lucks for their book lights
Date to see me and Phu to the city , Looking at the tears that I didn't compress the emotions, until the car squeezed the whistle urged me and Phu new to leave the mind ... Phu takes a year to learn a language and then to live abroad. Sometimes I also received the news of the mind there was almost lost contact. It is true that the number of unfortunately tamars to the second time still slip university, so it is discouraged and decided to stay in the countryside to participate in production with his father and mother. On the street is also the day when my parents sell all houses and garden fields leave their hometown as a city. I heard the rich has run out of the labor contract abroad a year ago, Phu returned to his hometown and heard Hope with mind. At the heart and rich, he headed to the end of his eyes, whispering love to remember long ago I was carefree so I didn't notice. Celebrating the mind and rich, but the mind changes the number of other phones and I don't have busy work
There is no time on the countryside to visit the old friend. Tam Tam and Phu have been happy together under a roof, which doubt once At the center of the electrical repair center to repair the computer for the school I met Phu Phu was a worker there. Welding handicaps Catching the celestial side, Phu Tam The heart is the mind that actively rejected Phu's love to come to a man who was older but rich in the province. It should occasionally teach me Chat to the phone to comfort Phu, or schedule a cafe on holidays. A year after the day of Phu, Phu was married to me with all sincere slabs. I received a happy gift to become a wife in the welcoming and support of the family's family. Phu Ban with me two children only entered the age of 24, the house also rented so drilling with children, letters, two more years to try to accumulate more money, quickly a living apartment, stabilize life Baby's birth is the most reasonable. My husband and husband are happy to wait for Phu Yen to make my husband and wife's clerical residence plan. As a wife Phu was almost a year, I heard Phu said the rich husband of the mind already dropped his mind but did not make a child's mind to run under young girls. The mind why I, Phu and Tam were also close friends. Yet, I visited a sick student so late, when passing through a discreet motel lying deep in the alley, I wanted to get down because I saw Phu, my husband was hugging a tight mind The eager way before both hastily walks into the reception to receive the room key ... I like I stand here wait for three sides a word to clear white.

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