Old Love Shows Off Your New New, Talking About The Strange Dynamics

In addition to publicly supporting all the first love with new love, Linh Ngoc Dam recently had a strange move, causing everyone who was extremely unexpected. With a beautiful look and funny personality but no less " Mass ", female streamer with the name of the total talk always attracts a large number of fans who track and support warmly every time the Livestream wave. The affectionate story revolves around the old love of Linh Ngoc Dam and the girlfriend Le Thi Khanh Huyen is still attracting the attention of very crowded fans on social networks. In particular, they are interested in female streamer's moves in front of this problem. HERE LIST, Female Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam has a strange move to the new love he makes everyone unexpectedly

. Specifically, on Instagram's personal page, she suddenly shared a short Tiktok video with the title "When the new lover of the old lover was too beautiful". In the video, when she was texted, "Congratulations She belongs to freedom. And he belongs to me, "Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam had an interesting answer:" His all
.. And I'm sister. "This is considered a compliment of Linh Ngoc Dam for her "rumored lover" of the Buddha, because this hot girl 2k4 owns very beautiful beauty, especially the "fiery" body. After uploading videos on Tiktok, Hot Tiktoker Le Thi Khanh Huyen and Buddha also went to comments that contributed to the beautiful female streamer. About the female streamer Linh Ngoc Dam, the past time she continuously revealed "Hint" with the new love but most decided not publicly. She also said she doesn't want to publicly celebrate the new lover, just want to "silently love each other, silently break up" and protect the lover in front of the social network. After more than 1 year breaking the old boyfriend is Duy Small (Mirror), Linh Ngoc Dam New "opening" about having a new lover with the pictures of "love" but hiding face. Even, "new" of Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam is willing to "sponsor" the amount of more than 22 million VND Game. The public decision has a boyfriend, Linh Ngoc Dam said to avoid rumors or discussions that are not right about themselves
Photo: Synthetic readers Watching videos: Cat cafe, thousands of virtual live corners of Linh Ngoc Dam streamer - Source: Yan Newsh

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