Old Soldier

The old soldier sat with a pale sadness to throw the mind. His memory was like a shadow that flickered on the wall, only bold when the fire was high on the kitchen. Then fluttered as fades like the story passed half a century ..

. fogging memories (illustration) .13 years ago .
. he sat in front of me. His shadow ignored the houses because the heated stove was only large and largely stranded with all overheading, but the fire did not pick it up. The cold night crank four sides of the floor. The wind wick smoked to the wall but came around the kitchen, turning off, riming to find another direction. I sit and wandly with a faint sadness to find somewhere in mind. His memory was like a shadow that flickered on the wall, only bold when the fire was high on the kitchen. Then, flooded like a fuzzy story like a story that passed half a century ..
. Back then he was a young man in the army police forces at a border gate on the border land. A session after the patrol session, the young soldier loved her life not right away, I caught the girl who was washed around like to find something. He was nearby, the girl told "the train slowly over half an hour so I want to take advantage of how it was". She told him that there was a lot of relatives. The border with her was strange, she wanted to see the milestone to see the milestone left to tell everyone. Small stories, young soldiers have taken her to visit nearby landmarks. Eastern. They went close to each other. Young, so only after some two-story stories became close as long as long. When returning to overcome the stream to return to the trail back to the train station, the girl stepped off, slipping. Young soldiers with extremely fast reflexes, rushing to her. She fell on him right on the shores of the grass. In a moment, the warmth radiated each other, entered into one. Both didn't say anything, only each sense of confusion did not cut the energy. He suddenly became crazy to pull her pants. She died silently as died. So there is nothing left to continue ...... only the instinctive feeling in them rise, they are like one, was one. Hot Ran, I have a good feeling of rhythmic emotions in the enchantment ... amid moment of excitement, from the station, the train pulled a long whistle, signaling guests to the ship prepared to appear. The girl startled to suddenly worshiped. Suddenly she pushed him to the side, frantically pulling his pants and rushed and rushed to the station. The sky was dark. The soldiers also suddenly awakened, cushed to the pants, and rushed to her while closing the green ... and he finally could help her board the train. So. Blinking over fifty years. *** Steamed old eyes, he continued: "I don't regret it. Youth, sometimes doing stupid things don't understand. He could not ask his name, and she didn't know Uncle's name. But there was a sadness until now still not removed from the head. The number is after the ship moves behind the mountain, he widened to rear the rumor, suddenly discovered that he lost the k54 bullet with his bullet. A smiley. The bullet did not see a small bag, in which wrapping the money. I woke up. Perhaps during your tangerine when she took her bullet's pocket, I thought my pocket should also ... "Later for many years, every time the train reverse Uncle was excused to loudly to meet again She, or expects her to find it yourself. So never see again. He played at the rumor for many years, into the party, then the officer until he was waiting ... "I silently listened to him, the story was like a stream of streams in a deep forest. He said for many years and tried to find her again to return the falling pocket. He did not regret it ... it. He was just afraid she thought she was a guy. Sleeping with people and stealing money bags again. Thinking so it was okay to sleep. Night was deep, the old soldier sat without anything more. He im Pho as a copper statue. His shadow blurred the darkness with the same half a century she was not a minute of not a minute to leave his mind No. 16/11 / 2008.16 / 11/2008.

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