Old Wife Bang Kieu: Around Me Now A Lot Of Beautiful Young Boys But I Still Ignore

'Telling me I was unmarried and arrested, I was born, I was able to "- my old wife Bang Kieu mai.0: 00/2: 27 nam nam nien, singer Cam Tho (Le Quang - PV musician) Livestream a meeting, chatting with Trzzie Phuong Trinh's friend (Old Wife Bang Kieu - PV) at her own restaurant. In the TRIZHIE CHRIZZ CHINH TRINH CHINH is excited about what kind of men are younger than the older men. She said: "I think that older women do not have a lover nothing sad or concerned. People are joking, you don't have a lover because you have not yet born, I see Also true

.trizzie Phuong Trinh and Cam Tho (from right) I told the truth, for the past 25 years, I have never used to get younger older than you, always get used to small men, but how much Age, Tooi did not share it. Of course, at this time, even though I used to a younger man who was at least 40 or more. Anyway I wanted to get used to a mature, mature man Family, with full children
Now tell me to know the unmarried man and make me give me a baby, I will give me, get the eggs but give birth ". The poet agreed with Trizzie equations and received : "That's right, often the woman like us doesn't like to get young boys, unless there is a condition that can't explain it," .trizzie Phuong Trinh continues to reveal something about B My body: "This I think depends on the way of thinking of each woman. If I really love myself, how to choose a man will be different. Trizzie Phuong Trinh and a poor boyfriend are term, I'm young, about 20 years old, I just need a handsome man is enough, What is rich all. In the past, the rich has never been in the standard choosing my men. I am still old, I also don't need a rich man, but I need a man with academic, mind and sutra Live experience. If a man only studies, they will not know anything about life, so I don't choose. And I don't choose a man just because they are handsome. Evidence is around me now a lot of beautiful young boys but I still ignore
In general, I want a long-time man, experience and appearance a bit. Not I am young, beautiful boys but I am also a woman with a good appearance, so I can't go with a man, too much. Because of Kieu and Trizzie Phuong Trinh, 5.4 feet tall (soy sauce In 1m64), but outside always go to a clogs to 5.9 feet (equivalent to 1m79). So I need to get used to a man who has just reached me. "The shares of Trizzie Phuong Trinh made the audience quite unexpected.

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