Old Wife Thuy Tien Sent Congratulations To Dan Truong, Sweet To Call Her Old Husband With Nickname

It can be seen that Thuy Tien and Dan Truong still keep a good relationship after the divorce of narration.0: 00/1: 41 namuan namuan 29/11 is also the birthday of singer Dan Truong, on his facebook "he bo "Published photos and articles to welcome my new age:" Happy Birthday to Me. Thank you for your parents who have given a baby, have given a special name and image ". As supermodel Xuan Lan, singer Akira Phan, Quang Dung, Dam Vinh Hung, Nguyen Vu, Bang Kieu, Musician Nguyen Hong Thuan, Mc Quynh Hoa, actor Duc Tien .

.. commented on happy birthday "Brother Three Khong". This is a few hours, on his personal page, Thuy Tien businessman, Dan Truong's ex-wife also posted a posth of the old husband's birthday
Thuy Tien Share: "Happy Birthday, Daddy Dan Truong. The whole house is in Las Vegas, very playful but will try to post more pictures and videos so that the whole house is to congratulate". Wish, Thuy Tien con posted the image of her Mathis Son and Dan Truong to take pictures together. Thuy Tien Images are sharing. I can see that already divorced each other, but in the past time, knitting and water Fairy still keeps a good relationship. A few months ago was Thuy Tien's birthday, Dan Truong also published the article Happy old wife birthday. October, when it comes to the United States to reunite with her and ex-wife, Dan Truong has taken with Thuy Tien From going happily playing on the occasion of the past halloween. Dan Truong holds a camcorder for two happy mother and children to play. Therefore, many people admire with the fine relationship of male singer and ex-divorce wife. Thuy Tien and Dan Truong still take the time to go out with me after divorce
On July 18, Thuy Tien Surprise posting a public divorce and Dan Truong: "The distance from geography to thinking has caused our hearts also far away and cannot be healed again. When sympathy and divide SHARE is no longer available, then freeing for each other is the best way. "

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