Older Mother Asked To Go To The Nursing Home To Release ‘clamps’: Please Understand The Fear Of The Elderly!

After my mother's offer, she was startled. I understand my mother's care at sleep, meals are not enough. Elderly people need more attention and understanding so that there is no feeling of abandoning instance.02: 00/0: 00 southern men's old men "sandwich generation" (sandwich generation) is the term due to American sociologist Dorothy Miller poses, to refer to the middle-aged group (40-50 years old) to take care of older parents, and raise children. Especially when the marriage rate is increasing, so The "sandwiches" system is getting harder because the parents are older and smaller children

. The Hoang Anh (40 years old, Da Nang) has 2 children, the young children are only 2 years old, his father died earlier 5 years, Her mother was 75 years old and had many chronic diseases. Even if she can still go back to yourself, you cannot do things like water for yourself. Her mother has a number of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure
.. need separate diets but cannot follow family meals, health needs to watch daily. On the small side of her mother, her mother said: "Perhaps Mother enters a nursing home for a hardship. I don't get any angry, but I love my daughter, and I put it in it with the same age. . I am my tears because my mother's mother just worries about your child, but how much do I empellish my parents? Illustrated recently, I have recently been hot with my mother because she became muttered, she said Going back to a lot of things to be released, even interested in her like a young child. While she was frantically worrying about housing, children and his mother was angry with her mother, she cried in front of her. But his mother did not require a nursing home. She knew that she liked to have children with me around, it was because of her accidental attitude while she felt that she became a burden for my children that wanted
.. don't have to bother me. However, after my mother's offer was startled. I understood that my mother care is not enough, the elderly needs more attention, intimate affection every day so that there is no feeling of being abandoned. And it is very large. But also trying to be tried because the mother's time is shortened. She thought of her confentuate words: "You and my mother to take care of it is blessed" so just more interested in my mother's spiritual life, the quality of mother's life is different. What is the elderly, need anything ? Children are much when taking care of the old parents, but only stops at attention such as eating, medicine, health but sometimes forgetting to take care of their parents' spiritual life. While parents also need to be mentally cared for medicine such as medicine and daily dietary diets. Elderly people are actually a desire to communicate, if not paying attention to that demand, it can affect their power. Healthy, their lifespan. In fact, don't just pay attention to the child's psychological crisis, the elderly also have psychological crises that children need to know to help parents be happy at the old age. Illustration - Fear of lonely: The grew up to adulthood and "flapped away". The elderly parents walked in the empty nest would have a feeling of empty, lonely and "craving" their children visited. In some cases, no matter whether the child but the elderly will still feel lonely if Have a feeling of children who lack respect for him or they are considered a burden of children. told. Call or forget it to say before, later. Sometimes young people are bothered because they have to listen to a problem that are uncomfortable, annoyed but if they understand this psychology of the elderly, you will easily feel. - or worry about: They are still dad, mother and still worried about their children, sometimes they forget themselves and their children have grown up to impose their thoughts for children. - Pessimistic: Psychology "near the land "Make them pessimistic. Therefore, the words are sometimes a negative state. Consider it is a normal psychology. Illustration - In addition, the elderly is easy to heat, irritable and sorrow: people Inbounded the elderly and returned to nearly childish children. Only one child is a lovely child, and the old man feels ... bothering? Taking care of the elderly is the burden, as well as can help them be happy old age thanks to his psychology and understanding. High levels make psychological crises growing due to age and prince Chemistry of parts in the body. at This if your child's interest and care is not enough to lead to these expressions even more seriously. the spirit. Understanding parents in old age is the source of healthy and happy parents. In any age, sex is always a legitimate and necessary need. However, in Vietnam, sex stories in the elderly are not valued or often

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