Older Mother Is Fired From The House So Taking Dormitants To Commit Suicide, The Moves Of Children Throughout 3 Hours Of Dying Mother Chills

The story of the death of the grandparents as well as the princes of her children has caused a big indignation for local people as well as the network community.0: 00/3: 09 nurse in the parents at birth I only hope your children can grow healthy, financially and are always happy. When the children are large, every person has its own family, what parents wishes the most is also being peaceful to be peaceful at the grandchildren. But this life has so many things no one doesn't imagine. Like the saying: "Child adoption parents calculate the day"

. Many cases of parents when they are old and their beloved children have lipped, extruded their responsibilities and made them fall into despair. Page 163 recently reported on suicide The deep drug of a grandmother saved, 88 years old, in Ho Chi Minh City, Hunan Province, China. The story of the death of the grandparents as well as the princes of her children has caused a big indignation to local people as well as the online community
The second son deliberately did not leave the house, watching as I don't know what happens to your mother. It is known that the incident happened, when the children were still busy pushing each other their mother's liability, she saved how to take a deep medicine to commit suicide to freed himself. More terrible is that when it comes to finding things, these children don't want to save their mother. Among them, people showed their indifference, who hid into the house like not knowing what. Three hours later, the older woman was painful and in a dying and died. At this point, the new children together brought her body directly to the crematorium, even did not organize the mother to be a royal funeral. Her fourth boy suggested that neighbors joked about Mother's story. Save capital with 5 sons but the children both and the third child died. The other three children married their children and their families lived in a village. The previously lived with his daughter-in-law
It was a while, her daughter-in-law said that he could not continue to nurture her mother-in-law Should have discussed with his brother-in-law, every house will rotate his mother for 1 year. The mother-in-law is dying, the daughter-in-law only takes her a seat and leaves. Welcome Mother, forever The fifth son appeared, the daughter was extremely angry, so he had cleaned up her belongings to throw it straight to the door and then always his mother-in-law. Her grandparents suffered because they were suddenly and drank deeply to commit suicide. In the process of painful dying, she kept calling the daughter-in-law, asking her to help but the cold-blooded woman only gave her a chair to a chair to Sitting and put it in the house. Some villagers said they had reported her sons to save about her being chased out of her daughter-in-law, but they all ignored. When the incident happened, the fifth son said that he did not know what happened, the fourth son thought the neighbors were joking, and the second son would choose not to step out of the house. Her 5th was saying that he didn't know what happened. In the last 3 hours she lived writhing waiting for death, without any child who appeared to help. Thinking about her pitiful circumstances Liu whose neighbors are indignantly indignant. According to some sources, the third-s-strawberry daughter hates Ms. Luu, so when she saw her mother-in-law to drink pesticides, she was the happiness In the abdomen. She said that she was ignored to die soon for peace, her children also worked hard. Ms. Liu the local officials and the villagers were organized. After the death of the old mother, one The number of children immediately demanded to bring her body to the cremator. Neighbors knew something very angry, even to a decent funeral that these non-compliance people could not organize for their moms? Finally, the villagers and some local officials have decided to stand out to organize him to save a full ritual funeral.

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