Family maids are a known social profession, we call them na na olives; Family sin, there are many types of work: babysitting, cooking, washing, cleaning cleaning ... with time and remuneration due to agreement on both sides of the landlord and workers: 00/4 : 39 Southern people who maid families are a well-known social occupation, we call Nom Na as sin; A noun is entered since after having a Japanese drama on a girl with a hard fate, floods. Family olives There are many types of work: babysitting, cooking, washing, cleaning cleaning

... with time and remuneration due to agreement on both sides of the landlord and workers
In the scope of the article I mentioned the Old Old Sin and sinuskin. Everyone who has an old parents need to provide and care. Depending on family circumstances and economic power that can rent careers. Owns are also people who need to be respected. There are families paying posts but Sin still bai bai hosts because of behavior. I met in a hospital in a professional olive umbrella, specializing in patient care. They have knowledge about how to use care equipment, properly hygienic ways, for sick people eat science ...
that we have a massive block. A Rescuing for Neo Families, busy and many reasons cannot take care of relatives, entrusting to outsiders. When they worked in this job, they accepted their jobs that are not leisurely, caring for people One, fishing and monitoring disease progress of patients. There are so dedicated people that I thought they were children, the grandson of the patient. I wanted to last night yesterday, I was quite late, my house borrowed a folding chair to let the patient family recliner a little back; I discussed the sinny bed from borrowing one (not taking money), she said: - The prognosis of her grandmother today, I have to stay in the night to watch, don't dare to lean your back. , all night she spread her martial arts. Think of the stomach: This family is blessed! I told about another sinner. It was also a sinus, proficient of the work, clever mouths of the commune, she was young and healthy, taking care of her bed next to him. When they had their children visited her flexible, welcomed their ideas and said the words made them safe. Late late, everyone in the room did not listen to the sound of taking off but she punched her shoulders and backs and backs Black. Everyone is unspecific and voiced suggestions (all people are sick people who look in the room, and those who breathe oxygen, don't mean by being wrestling with illnesses). She said so to soak blood vascular circulation. Doctor who died to stop stopping. After a moment it is still! Really accept the kind of voice person. The next morning she moved, not in time and also had no conditions that suggested with family members. There will be opinions that: Why does the author many things, I will be a little steaming, it is a profession people. But I should also understand when the patient is ill, especially the elderly, fighting illness, fragile death, pain and body. The descendants are closely comforted and comfortable for the spirit for those who overcome the danger. If there is no condition that you have to hire outsiders to take care of the tools, you should find out if you have a mind for renting. As if I mentioned above was just an example, it was also very much (my house was seriously ill, hospitalized quite many times). Don't stop white for olives! Luckily, hiring good people, unfortunately, hired to type in need of this kind of real story: The old man is a Canadian overseas Vietnamese, once visiting Hanoi's severe illness to be hospitalized. There will be nothing unfortunately if the daughter-in-law does not go to Germany to take a daughter (grandchild). At home and his son and five daughter grandparents. They agreed to rent sine, money by his son. He was also busy with the garment shop measured on the old town, especially the last season of the year. The daughters were duty to take over to urge the sin and follow their mother's disease. The other person, the white summit for O Sin, when his son runs into with a moment for a moment. It was too heavy and lost and lost when she didn't know, the descendants were not at the end of the forest. So us if he ordose parents to notice the instruments, that the rice rice rice rice money. There are sentences: Thai Cha Nhu Mount Thai Son Mother's mother like water in the source of rambling Mother Chacho Chacho is a new fondant letter is the help of the help is always healthy, living in a warm dress with children! The fact that they go to take money, it's a true coin. Do not exclude some people who caught the home to say high prices will be better service as the woman I tell massage for her too savage. 1-day service price is VND 400,000. The women who wondered martial arts all night to take care of her as native as sinners of monthly salary. Her salary is VND 7 million. Some people conceive "which money of that", just paying the post will have good service, so entrusting the tools for outsiders. Sin makes this profession must have a German mind, if dry

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