Olympic Medal Rescue The Poland Girl’s Network

Maria Andrejczyk decided to auction the medal won at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to save the tyrannic infant .Andrejczyk won a silver medal at the Olympic Tokyo 2020. The Polish girl won the Silver Medal Throw TB with a 64.61 m achieved, only after 66.34 m of Liu Shiying (China)

. Do not hit the 8-month-old boy named Miloszek facing the death scythe, so Andrejczyk decided to rao Selling medals she must have made a new effort to be earned in Japan. "Miloszek suffered a serious heart defect. The boy needs $ 250,000 to get surgery, "Andrejczyk shared
" The true value of the medal is in the heart. It is just an object, but there may be a huge value for others. This chapter can save human life, instead of lying on the dust in the cupboard. That's why I decided to auction it to help the boy ". After all, the żabka supermarket chain bought for $ 125,000 but then brought the medal returned to Andrejczyk.

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