Omicron ‘bomb’ On Flight From South Africa To Europe

Some experts worry that the flight landed on the airport in the Netherlands from South Africa could be a 'slow explosive bomb' to spread the transformation of Omicron.0: 00/3: 28Nain in the South of Vietnam Phi to Amsterdam on November 27, the provisions on Covid-19 were done quite loosely. There are not some people wearing a mask, the staff also pulled the mask when talking to the passenger. But when the plane landed, everything was completely changed. Information about the new transformation Omicron made a series of tight water border control

. At Schiphol airport, a special test site is erected to test for passengers on KL592 and another flight returned from South Africa. With many people, it's really a experience terrible. They have to breathe into a suffocating atmosphere due to being held on a multi-hour aircraft, exhausted in cramped lounges and anxious to wait for test results along with those who are then identified as new transformations
Passengers on Flight KL592. (Photo: AP) in 60 people on this flight and a flight returned from South Africa is positive for Covid-19, at least 14 people infected with Omicron. The Netherlands isolated for them and arresting a pair Double try to escape from the isolation center to fly to Spain. But people with negative results at the airport are returned home or connecting to their final destination. Fabrizio Pregliasco- Italy's leading virusist said the entire passengers need isolation and tracking words 7-10 days because they may have infected the virus on the plane but give negative results because they are still in incubation. "They went all over the world, who knew where they were. If this transformation Increase spread, the above flight is like a bomb, "Pregliasco said. However, the Netherlands Public Health Service Agency is responsible for sample tests for passengers who say they don't see the problem What in people with negative test results. "There is no reason to limit them to move when they have a negative test," said the spokesman Willem van den oetelaar of this agency. Add that "we don't know where the passengers go and there is no reason to hold that information
" However, after the statement of Mr. Van Den Oetelaar, the Dutch Ministry of Health affirmed that he still needs a way Y people with negative test results. The ministry also contacted passengers on the return flights from South Africa, it is recommended that they are self-isolation and announcement with the local health agencies related to Omicron are still very vague. It may take several weeks to determine whether it is causing an excessive reaction or is really a more contagious transformation than Delta. Covid-19 testers at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands November 28, 2021. (Photo: CNN) But it is the appearance of Omicron intangible medium to expose the lack of synchronization of countries on translation room regulations as well as shows flights with loose anti-epidemic criteria that can become events How is the super-infectious contamination. Professor Karen A. Grepin at Hong Kong University, specified with passengers determined by their destination. Therefore, 2 passengers sitting together on the plane may comply with different regulations. At the airport, the staff at the counter must remember dozens of regulations on testing and quarantine in countries different. In addition to passport inspection, weighing luggage, now they have to add the role of border guards, medical inspectors.Mezek - one of the passengers with negative test results said he was side with Ha Lan contact and recommend not to leave the house 5 days after the nightmare flight. "Although you currently have no symptoms, but still have the ability to get sick", email from the Dutch Health Authority warned. Mezek is self-isolation. At the beginning of the week, he received a call from the Czech Republic officials to ensure he was still quarantined and not sick. But Mezek said if he returned earlier than a day before the check tightened The rules, maybe he worked and went home with his wife and children. "I may have not been self-isolation," said.Song Hy (Source: The New York Times)

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