Omicron Mysterious Variations ‘surpassed’ Delta: The War Against Covid-19 Is Far Away

So far, the origin and abilities of the Omicron variant are still a mystery while scientists are racing with time to learn about it. The appearance of mysterious variation Omicron in his office day 23/11, Tulio de Oliveira, South African Initiative Center Director and Reaction of Epidemiology has revealed to his colleague a secret. "Something is going on. They have discovered a variation We have never seen before, "Tulio told Alex Sigal - a virusist in South Africa. Illustration: CNN only for a few days, the number of Covid-19 cases in South Africa has increased rapidly

. In the process of reviewing positive samples with SARS-COV-2 virus, scientists have discovered an ignored factor in the virus protein protein, showing that the virus has some changes . Scientists later expeded the viral gene sequence and discovered more than 50 mutations compared to the original strain, on November 25, Professor Oliveira was informed about South Africa: a new variation With worrying characteristics that caused the number of cases to increase in this country. On the same day, the Ministry of Health South Africa and scientists also announced the discovery on
A day later, the World Health Organization (WHO) named the new variant of Omicron, and declared this as a variable It is worrying. There has never been any variation that makes WHO to make this statement so quickly. So far, the origin and abilities of the Omicron variant are still a mystery while scientists are racing with time to find Understand it. There is a particularly worrying characteristic that Omicron has 32 adjustments in a part of the virus that most of the Vaccine Covid-19 types are targeting - it is protein thorns - the virus tool used to penetrate cells People. The next paragraph of Covid-19 pandemic is currently dependent on 32 mutations and the world will need a few weeks to determine this. WHO said that the preliminary data shows that Omicron has greater advantages than the current variations. This can be clearly seen through an increase in the number of cases in South Africa. Some mutations in this variant are related to increasing infection rates. Unusual change, more dangerous than delta appearances of current mutations can be meaning that Omicron has a greater ability to Escape the body's immune system, including the immune system formed after vaccination. Some studies in the Laboratory in the UK before the Omicron variant was discovered, the SARS-COV-2 virus appeared massively makes antibodies less effective
Omicron variants have some mutations and some other unfamiliar mutations. Understanding the level of antibody resistance will need further research time. "The extremely worrying thing is the accumulation of too many mutations. Another worrying thing is that overlapping between mutations we are Identified in the system, "saidodora HatziioAnnou, a virusist at Rockefeller University Review. Signalists working at a high security laboratory in Durban in South Africa are one of hundreds of scientists Global is studying the Omicron variant to see how they affect blood samples from people who have vaccinated and recovered after Covid-19. Early too early to confirm whether Omicron caused people to get The disease has more serious symptoms or not. Patients with this virus will need a few days or weeks to see how their disease happens. Jiontech, Pfizer and Moderna said they are ready to adjust current vaccines to deal with variables New body if necessary. According to scientists, the Omicron variant has evolved from a previous variant and is now almost disappeared, known b.1.1. It may have spent months of residing in a patient with a decline immune system - perhaps a HIV / AIDS patient - to gradually achieve evolutionary advantages. 11/11, specimens The first Omicron infected person was discovered: a case in Gauteng province of South Africa and 4 other cases are members of a group of foreign diplomats to visit Botswana. day, a man 32 years old has left South Africa to Hong Kong (China) - Special area with the most stringent isolation regulations in the world. On November 13, while in a hotel isolated, this person was tested and was identified as one of the first Omicron variant cases.5 days later, a 62-year-old man in one The room along the corridor with the patient's room is also positive for the SARS-COV-2 virus. This person is also infected with the Omicron variant and the genome of two specimens with closely related to each other can be affirmed, a person has infected with the virus from the other, Yuen Kwok-yung, an infectious disease expert At Hong Kong University for good. However, the security camera shows that these two men have never met, as well as not opening at the same time and do not share the same furniture, and only contact visitors in costumes

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