Omicron Spread Strains Spread, Korea Reversed The Opening Plan

Korea tightened the provisions of Covid-19 epidemic prevention in the context of new Covid-19 cases on a record increase and many Omicron transformations were discovered. According to midnight list December 4, South Korea recorded 5,128 new Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of infections since the outbreaks in the country to 473,034, Straits Times reported. Although it has decreased by 224 cases compared to the previous day That, this is still the highest number that the country has recorded on Saturday, because the usual cases of weekends tend to decrease due to the number of tests conducted less. Number of patients in severe and critical conditions also continued to remain high, with 744 cases. In the meantime, the number of Omicron transformation patients increased to 12 people after adding three shifts on December 4

. In the number 12 people, 4 people seemed to have a new transformation abroad. 8 people infecting locally due to direct and indirect contact with these 4 people. Korean national tightening measures to strengthen social ways from 6/12
Photo: Reuters. Omicron transformations are originally a couple living in Incheon has a link to a church in the city, and two women about 50 years old live in Goyang, Gyeonggi province. These people are from Nigeria back to Korea on 24/11.Theo authorities, the couple in Incheon have spread this strain to their son and an acquaintance. This acquaintance has then spreads the virus to his wife, his mother's mother and another acquaintance. The authorities believe that the three cases of the latest Omicron transformation are related to the chain of transmission from Incheon's couple. The authorities currently monitor 1,088 people exposed to patients with Omicron infection in Incheon, in Incheon There are 522 people who have been classified as close contact. In the context of Covid-19 cases daily, the record increase, Korea will take measures to strengthen social ways of 4 weeks from December 6, At the same time, to pause the plan reopened. From December 6, private gathers will be limited to a maximum of 6 people in Seoul and neighboring areas, and 8 people in other regions. Applied regardless of vaccination, and only allows only a non-vaccinated person to participate in the gathered group
Non immunized people are only allowed to enter the restaurant and cafe if they are alone or Go with those who have adequate vaccinations but with a limited number of vaccines, the certificate has sufficient two nose or negative test results, will also be loved Bridge at a variety of facilities, including cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, indoor sports stadiums, museums and galleries, ... Minh An

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