Omicron Variants Bring A Lot Of Scary Mutations But Will Destroy Each Other?

Omicron variant carries a lot of scary mutations but does not mean that these mutations can 'combine' well together. The Omicron variety of Corona virus has caused many scientists to warn because of the number of gene mutations Bring - about 50 gene mutations, of which at least 26 gene mutations are special. But more not really worse: the mutations sometimes combine together to make a virus become more frightening, but they can also destroy Jesse Bloom, a biologist evolutionary in China Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, said: "In principle, mutations can also operate against each other. However, in this case, evolutionary selection is more likely to lead to The spread of a new variant with more convenient mutation combinations is adverse ". However, this phenomenon, is called the" Genesis "

. This is why scientists are speculating the attributes of Omicron, although individual mutations in variations are related to higher transmission capacity or with the ability to avoid the exempt system Translation of the body. A technician working in the laboratory at Nelson R. Mandela Medical School in Durban, South Africa
Penny Moore, a virusist study at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in South Africa, giving Know: "It is important to" understand "the entire virus". Dr. Moore's group is one of dozens of people around the world trying to find out if the current vaccine is active Dynamic against Omicron or not. Researchers are creating artificial versions of viruses that contain all Omicron mutations for testing, instead of giving speculation based on the set of mutations. That is the lesson that researchers have Learn last year, when the beta variant appeared in South Africa. They estimate that the ability to avoid immunity of variations based on a specific mutation, E484K. However, Beta also has two other mutations that are capable of affecting the effectiveness of Moore's vaccine to say: "The combination of these three mutations has higher resistance than a type of only E484K . Researching a single type of mutation turned out to be the deviation of ".omicron carrying a mutation called N501Y, which is said to be able to make the virus more closely linked to cells on the human body. This mutation is also included in its alpha variant and is related to its ability to spread
Bloom said: "However, it is finally Delta does not carry alpha but even easily spread More than alpha. It is because Delta has other mutations that enhance the ability to infect ". The spread of a variant depends not only on the level of viruses with receptors on human cell receptors , but also depends on the stability of the virus, the position that viruses multiply in the airway and the amount of gas exhalence of exhausts.Omicron has a group of mutations related to closer links with their cells people. "But operating at the same time, they can have a slightly different effects," Dr. Bloom said. Because of that reason, he said he could not predict how the virus would work in the human body. That will have answers in studies being conducted in the laboratory throughout all Cau.Theo NYT

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