On My Husband, She Gave A Small Gift But Made Me Insomnia All Night

Last night, I opened my mother's gift. And then the whole night, I insomnia, day to stop it 09: 00/2: 01 Nam Nam has a mother in the age of 16. At that time, I hate her. Because of my thoughts, the stepmother is the cause of the fact that my parents leave each other. Although my father repeatedly explained, told her a divorced mother because my mother had another man and I also saw several times, she went with others but I always defended my mother

. Because I have an aversion, I treated my mother to be very cold, sometimes expressing action against me. The relationship between me and my mother is not good until the year I am 22, graduated from college and farewell love 2 years. I went to her mother and hope to get comfort
Unexpectedly, she grayed me to chase me straight from outside the gate because she feared. Put, since she didn't leave each other, I didn't give me a companion. Money go to school, money clothes, buy a car, buy a laptop is due to my father and mother to buy. Mother step because there was no child to take care of, loving me was no different from the child. After that time, I opened with my mother. She was so happy that I went over again. What delicious, she also to give me first. By the month of receipt, she gave money to me to go shopping, though I also went to work and earn money. Read the piece of paper, my tears flowed net. (Artwork) I just went home to her husband yesterday
"Go to her husband's house" not to hold a wedding or party at all. Because I have pregnant pregnancy and because the situation does not allow it. On the day of her husband's house, I and my mother earned early, cooking a junior rice. The mother followed her face sadly, sometimes she dotted her tears and threw me. Life daughter only hopes to have a weddings that I don't have. When I gave me a small gift. That night, my couple opened a gift box. Heaven, it's a set of gold jewelry for the bride and small piece of paper. Read the piece of paper, my tears flowed net. "Daughter must be happy. Mother loves me a lot." There was a mother, I was her daughter. Perhaps she used all savings to buy this gold to give me. At the same last night, I lost sleeping for regret and day. How do I redeem your mistake for my mother throughout the past time? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland

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