On The 76th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of Vna (september 15): Remember To Visit The Old Colleague Tran Van Duc

It was a visit to Mr. Tran Van Duc in Vien Thuyen village, Dong Hoi commune, Lap Thach district, Vinh Phuc province on this day for 2 years ago on the 74th anniversary of the establishment of VNA September 15, 2019. Mr. Tran Van Duc is a former colleague from Giai Phong News Agency (VNA is now VNA) after 45 years, there will be a chance to meet again .

. On September 15, 2019, the author donated the novel to Mr. Tran Van Duc ( Dressed with the left pitched shirt). ATNH: Nguyen Tien Dung
In 1974, I was teduced by TTXGP to strengthen the village of Ba Ria Vung Tau VNA and was in the war in the deep forest, meeting Mr. Tran Van Duc. Germany was born in 1942, 2019 was 77 years older than me than half of the armor (in 2021 at 79), walking to the team and moved to the village of the VNA in Ba Ria Vung Tau. After liberation of the South, unifying the country, Mr. Tran Van Duc moved to work at the Central Teaching Board of the southern department and retired. Remember, get the help of colleagues Tran Van Duc when in the village of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, after the trips of the battlefield reality, I wrote a kind of song "on Australian belt today", "At the foot Minh Dam Mountain "," Late awakening "," Life in the Liberation of Long Khanh Town "... broadcast on the newsletter of the VNA, was released by Radio and Radio Vietnam Read. After liberating, I met him a few times
In 1997, before going to the train unified in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Duc came to the total of 5 Ly Thuong Kiet - HN to visit me. It was since earlier this year, suddenly he called me to express his desire to meet and want to be awarded a novel. I am also busy in my hometown in Thanh, now there is a free time to visit Anh. Villa for Mr. Tran Van Duc family in Vien Luan village, Dong Hoi commune, Lap Thach district, Vinh Phuc province. Photo: Nguyen Tien Dung Thieu Worthy of Mr. Tran Van Duc's husband and wife is the most popular 2-storey villa village. He has 3 sons all mature, saddle, of which 2 sons settle in Ho Chi Minh City, 1 son in Hanoi. Holding husband Tran Van Duc is healthy to raise 2 children of the son in HN small and a grandchildren in Ho Chi Minh City to stay with his grandparents are now studying at home country. In the reunion today there is a veteran Lieutenant colonel Tran Van Minh in 1950 is a neighbor of Mr. Tran Van Duc, every good Ha Noi University of Pedagogy, Tong Tong Military In 1972, retired more than a ten years, very fans of silk novels. Days meet very happy, welding, recalling the months of participating in hardship resistance In Ba Ria Vung Tau, lucky luck still returned, now children are mature, the life is quite happy. Farewell, I promise to have the opportunity to return to visit my husband and wife Tran Van Duc.Vu Xuan Ban

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