Once The ‘opponent’ In The 5th Grade, Many Years Later The Talented Boys, So They Would Love To Confuse Them On Mxh

Once familiar with each other since grade 5, it was not until the 11th grade of Luu Van Anh to meet his existing boyfriend again.02 / 4: 50 South Vietnamese love stories on social networks always make people any doubt. Sometimes only a liking or comment is enough for two strange people to "catch waves" and love each other from any time. It is also the story of Luu Van Anh (students business of the Banking Academy). Thanks to the wrong answer on the social network, she found her half

. My new, Van Anh shared his love story on social networks and received more than 6 thousand interactions of netizens and Hundreds of comments, sharing. The student recounts: "Grade 5: 2 Execution of excellent student exams, representatives of the district to exchange provincial levels (now are different schools, have not played together). In the same school, the classmate, the teacher ranked sideways next to each other
At that time, arguing Chi DuE, but was half a year, a transferred child, so it lost contact. 11: Don't know how to make a Facebook Now. Have your free time answers wrong Story, so texting and recognizing each other (Asia, this guy is a child who is sitting next to me). That's why but sometimes texted your friends again. : As I just came to college, I was taking each other like Sam and fell in love with each other, it was only 2 years ago. Thinking again when did anyone say: "The daughter in the world dies all I will never love you "That smiley smile. It is a familiar conclusion: Charming what Story has a lover ". Year 5, Van Anh and Quang Tu to take good student competition and meet the prize. Both are the "opponent" of each other in learning. It is known to Van Anh's boyfriend named Nguyen Quang Tu, studying the Department of Automation of Industrial Engineering Economics University
Good students, representatives of schools. While Van Anh won the first prize in the Olympic Mathematics exam, Vietnamese district level, Tu also excellently achieved the second prize in that exam. When it was a "opponent" of each other, the female was only impressive about gentle, good learning. Until five classes when she was in the same class, she had the opportunity to interact with the trees of the wet leg to level 2, to meet again and acquaintance, Van Anh said: "At the 6th grade, Tu As a friend of his first goal in the new environment, he also left a little impressive. At that time, she was very small, lower than me. Then I also kicked 2 people sitting next to each other during the day. But Pouring so, but still "men" gave themselves. I beat only grumbling, not borrowing ". Couple meet again after years of losing contact. Learn together half a year, suddenly Transfer, so 2 people lost contact. Van Anh also has no more impression with that friend. But then "Mr. Nguy Nguyet" is a charming charming, one time she answered the mistake of the Story of Tu.Nan Anh thought Tu was his other friend in Grade 11 but when entering Tu's personal page to Find out, she saw the face of this guy knew, seeming to be the old classmates. "At that time, I was boldly asking, I realized each other. Seeing again Thanks to the Faecbook is of course fun, Unexpectedly. Because of the old days, at a beautiful day, Tu suddenly stopped school, asked to know how to transfer, then we lost contact from it. Naturally recognize each other thanks to the "wrong haha". It was surprisingly surprised, the kind of accidentally happy, "the 20-year-old girl expressed his friend at Level 2, Van Anh excited to tell you the changes of the class after removing it. Then the more people talk, the more and more messages without boredom. However, it must be up to college, they officially become a pair of a pair. Tu is the person who confesses and Van Anh quickly agrees. Considering his boyfriend, Van Anh said: "When I love, Tu is not a person who says or expresses a lot of love, but a quiet type, or Pay attention, care yourself from small things. I think you are also happy, or "" onions "enough, but I still have to cope with you. More children, but I don't see that, because I always "big" more than me, mature, thinking more than I am too much. I have argoted too much but I've never mentioned the farewell. Quan The score of the two did not like the word "farewell" words easily, because of his farewell and turned around again, or referring to a lot of farewell, would be the no respect for the relationship of both 2.S I choose "Edit" instead of breaking up. Is there anything wrong, or with a problem, what we will be frankly talking together, to edit together. Sincerely Relationship ". Knowing the love of Tu and Van Anh but everyone respects the children, as long as the two studies are not neglecting it is. Ban Anh and Tu do not have to love far because 2 people in the same country, the house is only different More than a dozen kilometers. But due to the influence of the epidemic, then the school's schedule is different, especially Van Anh is trading a small online food shop so the time of meeting, going out

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