Ong Văn Drawing Drama Into Specialty: One Time Is Expensive To Collect 5 Million / Day

The wasp season ago, each day she sold a few dozen groups Ha, peak hundred hives with both weightlifting pupae, collected about 4-5 million / ngay.0: 00/3: NamThay domain 21Nu Ad Network Market sale wasp pupae, Ms Lien (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) immediately ordered 1kg of roasted lemon leaves. Ms Lien said: "This is a favorite dish of his childhood. Fat in young bee larvae made her the children would like to eat much earlier nor bored. Wasp pupae buy food themselves also similar taste, roasted with lemon leaves her children are very fond "

.Also bought wasp pupae forest for food and Ngan in (Dong Da, Hanoi), said, which was born and raised in the city, I do not know to this dish. One day saw someone selling pupa wasp on the market there, so curious, so she bought 1 kg of roasted half, porridge half under the guidance of the seller. "The taste of bee larvae particularly attractive, I both love the house, "Mrs
banks xoa.Mot year broth wasp pupae take only 1 season is from July to September 9.Chi Thu Ha, a small business that sells forest wasp pupae, said the bees the Buzz is only one season in the year is taking capsules from July to September 9. this time, the best bee larvae, greasy affordable for processing into special dishes an.Dac, bumblebees do not give honey. Go season, the locals into the woods hunting organizations brought about. Ms. Ha contacting hunters bees in the local forest and mountains to collect. They boxed move in the car downhill sweep, you get it for sale to guests in the provinces. Pupa bumblebees are considered specialties of the mountains, not only clean but also delicious, complementary commercial duong
Tieu added, she sells online for years, a large number of tourists familiar. Do ordering her home many, believed trust the quality so next season is again eager visitors asked. "My house catering to the needs of customers, if customers buy the hives is priced from 250,000 and 300,000 depending on the size. Only buy your peeled pupae will manually remove the pupa pocket vacuum to ensure the best quality when shipped to customers. His bee larvae sold by weight, 400,000 VND / kg ", Ms Ha Ha guidance ke.Chi processing simple bee larvae. When the capsule is removed from the nest just bare boiling water for pupa can hunt is processed into various dishes. Many favorite dishes are still as pupa or chrysalis roasted lemon leaves taste sweet porridge day, nutritious. Determination honeycomb is used as a drug or alcohol soaked North cure diseases of bones, very good for khoe.Theo knowledge Medicine, venomous wasp is quite strong. However, there is no toxic bee larvae, the opposite also contains nutrients very cao.Co thing, many atopic inappropriate, eating wasp pupae very allergies like rashes, dizziness, nausea or gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, those who eat it the first time, try to see your little one with it or not. When selling bee larvae for guests, Ms. Ha also clear advice as to avoid significant case tiec.Chi Ha said the wasp season ago, each day she sold a few dozen teams, with 70-80 kg pupae. Peak days, she sold hundreds of honeycomb with both pupal weight, work out every day, she earned 4-5 million is normal. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of bee larvae, she sold off very nhieu.Mua bee larvae this year falls at a time when the disease should not only fewer, making deliveries more difficult to sweep well, to try sales from her bee larvae Ha significantly reduced. "the season before, I could not latch unit, with fire every time. this year the visitors ordered sparse. One day I just sold 6-7 nest 10-15kg pupa same. Unless all costs, I just words 300000-400000 contract. Regarded as the pupa wasp season losses this year, "Ms Ha Giang ke.Thu

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