Only 4 Members, Why Is Blackpink The Most Money Group For This?

Although there are only 4 members but in terms of strong investment hand for a thing, Blackpink deserves to be at the top of the current K-POP table, more than many major groups of troops are 2-3 times.02: 00/1: 38 Southern New here, the AYO program Comment Defenders with the theme of the performance costume of the K-pop groups invited two cult styles to participate. It is Balko and Lim Heon Soo, the two names that have been in charge of many familiar and idol groups such as Big Bang, BTS, Blackpink, TXT, Taemin (SHINee). YG ENT is strong for the costume Artistkhi was asked by the audience to see which Idol's most powerful entertainment company for Idol performances, Stylist Balko quickly called YG ENT. In terms of the number of attached artists, YG ENT is not much equal to SM or JYP, but the expenditure of the YG house is very large

. The more complicated clothes, the more costly costs Italist Balko affirmed at first glance, everyone thought of the house of SM ENT It costs more money to shop for a large artist's clothing. However, buying lots of things and wearing is unlikely to be expensive by buying less items but adds costs to creative, editing such as cutting, combining them together into a complete set. According to two stylists, the more complex details are more complicated
The performance of the Blackpink is creative very cleverly, the map of the coordination as well as the costume variations, the YG ENT home stylist is too famous, especially the set Farms are in charge of Blackpink. A set of blackpink members have when cutting between 3 - 4 costumes, it costs money but also costs creative. Not to mention every MV of the YG home artist will use a lot of different outfits, continuous transformations, the more expensive. Because of the Stylist in K-Pop, YG ENT is the most played company in the paragraph Investment and Blackpink items are the most cashed music group for costumes.

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