Only 6 Years, The Boy Built A Company Into An Empire Of $ 6 Billion

In just six years, Personio software company has become one of the most valuable start-up companies in Europe, worth USD 6.3 billion.02: 00/2: 45 NamBut executive director Hanno Renner still Remembering the financial period of the startup company extremely difficult. Share with CNBC, Renner recalls his business only 200 Euro (226 USD) in the bank account of the company before receiving the clause First funding.Renner co-founder Personio in Munich, Germany, in 2015 with Roman Schumacher, Arseniy Vershinin and Ignaz Forstmeier

. All four met at studying at the Center for Digital Management and Technology, a common organization of the two main colleges in Munich. The idea of establishing Personio comes from Renner saw a friend having trouble Managing personnel processes at the company where he is working in technology director. So four friends have to find ways to build a solution to solve this problem
When they are still a student, they don't have an office, so they have to work anywhere found Space at the university to build Personio's first software product. They share with each other savings to cover the cost of the operation. After being paid by the customer to use the first software, they used revenue to buy the first software license , rent a small office space and hire a small number of employees. Then in July 2016, Personio mobilized 2.1 million euros in a round of funding from investors including Global Founders Capital and Facebook.Renner says before Personio can get that first round of funding, the founders must ensure that they have paid any unpaid invoices, which he explains the standard condition of The transactions raise. That said: "I still have a bank account screenshot: We only have 100 Euro left in the bank account before we get the first round of funding worth 2 million euros, but the management process until it is actually a very interesting process. "Personio's financial situation has changed Since then. In the latest capital calls of Series E, published in October, Personio mobilized $ 270 million and was valued at $ 6.3 billion
It was a leap for the company when priced US $ 1.7 billion in January in the investment of the Chain D. Total, Personio has now mobilized more than $ 500 million from investors. Renner, the construction of a company is not to become a boss or become someone's boss, and explain that he wants to encourage "ownership" among Personio.Renner's employees saying he said he He wants to ensure that employees are "empowered to make proper decisions and are empowered to act as an entrepreneur." And obviously that has brought positive results, Personio currently has more than 1,000 employees, increasing from 350 employees in 2020.Theo Huy Nguyen / Dan Viet

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