Only A Moment, Ho Ngoc Ha Was Festivated By Fans To Peel Off The Strange Nail Set

Ho Ngoc Ha to reveal the nails in the shot shaped, fans ask the question of 'Leisure Queen' with bad tips to bite nails? Milk sisters see immediately I have accidentally infected with this bad disease and neglect the nail care NO.0 am: 00/1: 52 South Southern Southern Beautiful beauty with a series of expensive brands, Ho Ngoc Ha has been Fans peel off bad hearts. Specifically in a shaped photo of the beauty a few days ago, Ho Ngoc Ha also zoomed close to his hand. The mother 3 children painted the red nails, but the nails were quite short and close to his hands. Soon, the fans recognized the hobby of Ho Ngoc Ha's nails

. Figure of the beauty posted on MXH received many likes of fans. Everyone praised the beauty of the beauty, salty but the mother of 3 children. The red paint hand with a fairly short nail set is taken close to the unintentional disabilities of Her Ngoc Ha
Fans look and say Right now, "Looking at her knowing Ms. Ha was addicted to bite nails." The hand of Ho Ngoc Ha was really short, close to the finger skin head. However, in another development, another person said that Lake Ngoc Ha has a short nail that is because of the careful career in a mother.Fans said that Ho Ngoc Ha for short nails to keep the baby . Leaving long nails can accidentally hurt the children. These images see Ho Ngoc Ha's hand, though small, long fingers but the nails are always short. Long nails. It is also possible because the habit of biting, so the nail is not long or the active trim is neatly trimmed for child care. Ms
Kim Ly has very short nails, cut closely closely. Body Ho Ngoc Ha also acknowledged, "Ha has a bad habit of ... biting nails. Just sitting a place that doesn't do anything ... bite. " Ho Ngoc Ha shared her nails due to biting so much, so it was not beautiful, so it was afraid or did not dare to spread his hand because of shame. Ngoc Ha has a habit of biting nails every time, doing nothing. However, every time it was hit by friends in hand, it was abandoned to be badly. However, Ha Ho still did not cultivate long nails and it seemed like she was still afraid to show off her beautiful nails. How to make a look at the hand in the entangled queen. However, there are also some methods needed to nail the nails in the balance of the stages that cannot take care of them as a maternal women. Nutrition: In addition to protecting and taking care of nails, eating Full drinking mothers need to provide sufficient nutrients, nail farming from within. Eat foods like parking, peanuts, mushrooms and cautious soup rich in vitamin B. This is a very good source of nutrition for the body, enhancing health for nails, toenails are always probably, well and beautiful Folding or peeling nails. Nutrition for nails is very important but sisters often forget.Massage nails: If mothers often come to spa to massage body or face to relax, then the sets of nails It also needs similar relaxation to stay healthy and works well. Nail massages help stimulate blood to circulate to that area, stimulate nails to develop and stay healthier. After washing your hands, use moisturizer to massage your hands and nails. Every night when the kids go to sleep, take advantage of a little olive oil and use cotton evenly on the nails. Leave about 5-10 minutes, use a gentle and rinse massage. Flash a little nail nail is not only the way that men should also mind.Jay

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