Onnet Consulting Became Odoo’s No. 1 Partner In Vietnam

Website http://odoo.com/partners Official Onnet Consulting (by Aht Tech JSC) is Odoo's No. 1 partner in Vietnam. Previously, Onnet was 1 of 6 Gold Partner (Gold Partner) Prestige of this organization.Onnet Consulting became Odoo's No

. 1 partner in Vietnam More than 2 years onNet consulting accompanying many businesses on the road transfer change number with the solution of Odoo and SalesforceTu problem converting some on platforms Odoo and Salesforce success for more than 100 enterprises at home and abroad in more than 2 years, Onnet consulting has become an official partner of one of Odoo in Vietnam. This continues to be a remarkable landmark in Onnet's development path although only starting in Vietnam for more than 2 years. With Odoo and Salesforce experts from many countries around the world, yes Multi-industry experience and expertise, during 23 years of formation and development, Onnet Consulting always aims to help domestic and successful and successful businesses through the use of Internet technology
With Odoo's open source technology, Onnet Consulting is confident to bring a large performance software and value to businesses in all industries, with lower costs than other proprietary software in the market. That school, during 23 years of operation, Onnet Consulting has helped thousands of businesses in Malaysia as well as Vietnam and countries in continuous growth area, increasing communication efficiency internally and customers, bringing Many great benefits. It can be mentioned that typical businesses are onNet partners such as Funtap Joint Stock Company, MB Military Bank, Kenanga Bank, MB Securities Joint Stock Company, AMPM Pharmacy, Super Human Resource Joint Stock Company Vietnamese, Kangnam Beauty Salon, ADC Agricultural Group, Baskin Robbins Malaysia Cream Chain, ... With non-stop dedication, in July last July, Onnet Consulting was honored to be nominated for Odoo Awards 2021 and officially became Odoo's No. 1 partner in Vietnam in September. This will be the motivation and inspiration for Onnet Consulting to develop stronger, bringing great values to the IT industry in Vietnam as well as in the region.odoo? Why are more and more businesses choose Odoo to convert NumberoDoo as an open source corporate governance software using Python programming language, including modules: sales, customer care, project management , Warehouse Management, Management Production (MRP), Financial Management (ERP), Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Human Resource Management (HRM). Integrated cloud computing technology, Along the variety of advantages such as cheaper costs than other platforms on the market, easy to install, operate on multiple platforms, smart connections
.. Special Odoo is an open source So many companies can participate in providing additional deployment and development of auxiliary modules. Therefore, customers can fully accompany IT partner businesses with reasonable costs for support, training, deployment, much cheaper than developing a software, or hiring service one side Thirdly, Odoo is extremely suitable for small and medium enterprises in all industries and fields. And nothing is confusing when Odoo is still the top choice for businesses not only in Vietnam but also in the world. The difference of Onnet Consulting is not like traditional consulting units, Onnet consulting participants Deep together with customers who develop and deploy new systems, technology transfer training so that customers can continue to convert after the consulting phase ends. Odoo deployment method of Odoo of Onnet Consulting is applied At the regional enterprises from 2014 to now, OnNET understands more than anyone about local cultural challenges in the process of deploying the transition strategy. In mid-2021, Onnet Consulting and the company AHT Technology Services and Technology Development Joint Stock Company (AHT Tech JSC) shook hands to develop digital technology conversion with Odoo platform in Vietnam. With the 14-year experience in the European market, Aht Tech JSC hopes this cooperation with Odoo's No. 1 partner in Vietnam will bring a new breeze for Vietnam's conversion revolution. Course

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