Open 4 Points To Support Vietnamese Food Agricultural Products In Uniqlo Store Chain

From September 3-9, the high quality Vietnamese Goods Enterprise continues to cooperate with Uniqlo Vietnam to organize green fair - kindness at 4 stores of Uniqlo brand chain in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Green Market - Hometry opens up many opportunities to promote and market products for small and medium-sized businesses, local farmers ..

. Photo: My Phuong - Information VNA, consumers It is possible to buy products of Uniqlo brands, both both consumed diversified Vietnamese food agricultural products at Uniqlo Dong Khoi, Van Hanh store, SC VivoCity and Vincom Landmark 81. Besides, active This activity opens up many opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, local farmers .
. have the opportunity to promote and market food products, local specialties produced with vast Quality standards. Currently, at the store chain of Uniqlo brands of commercial centers in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh mainly introduces food agricultural products such as Vinamit drying fruits, porridge trees, organic agriculture, eternal people, Khanh Hoa Salanganes'Nest ... Consumers in Ho Chi Minh City are both shopping Uniqlo products, both can consume diverse Vietnamese food agricultural products. Photo: My Phuong - TTXVNTHEO Ms. Vu Kim Hanh, High Quality Vietnamese Goods Enterprise Association, Green Market Session - Medicine is put into business at the uniqlo brand store chain has created attractions for many consumers, when they can buy fashion products and agricultural products at a selling point. Introducing consumers of quality products and supporting healthy, flexible lifestyle in physical and mental "normal", the cooperation between Vietnam Goods Enterprise Association High and brand UNIQLO Vietnam is one of the important activities to advance to the target to help customers experience and purchase Vietnamese agricultural products
"At this time, Uniqlo also announced the weekly program Thank you from December 3 at all Uniqlo stores nationwide and online store Mark 2-year milestones operating in Vietnam. Uniqlo brand is always committed to bringing long-term, positive contributions to Vietnamese and social society, "Uniqlo General Director of Vietnam shared ./. My Phuong / TTXVN

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