Open The Integration Opportunity

Publishing activities, launching overseas books are having optimistic signals, opening new opportunities for our country's publishing industry to reach the world. By the efforts of authors and publishers , Many books have contents that stick to contemporary breath, modern showing form, eye-catching has been published in the overseas market. Nearly these publications have been resonated, as set Books "Tita cat's adventures release globally; Du Ky "travels throughout Asia: The whisper from the East" is sold on the Amazon online sales system; Painting books "Chang Wild - Bear" are franchised to publish in 5 countries ..

. a remarkable detail, talent on Vietnamese culture and culture ..
There are also many exploited publishing units and getting attention , Attraction of foreign readers. The first result is encouraging, but the overall view, the road for "foreign export" is still in small and spontaneous forms. In fact, the number of Vietnamese books exported, selling copyright outside the territory is still counting on the fingertips. A comprehensive strategy, a series of Vietnamese books wide roads Reaching the world is a requirement to be placed with functions, functional industries as well as publishers and writers. In particular, it is important to have a clearer guidance of the State management agency on export and sale of copyright to abroad, including legal issues, communication and trading work Commercial, content-oriented ... Along with that, it is necessary to promote the application of information technology in the publication process, to improve the efficiency of editing and professional publishing operations in the direction of modernization and integration with The international book publishing industry. Also to book coming with more foreign readers, the active role in the international integration of publishers is very important. Along with the support of management agencies, book units need a flexible solution to access foreign publishing markets, such as participating in exhibitions and books; Take advantage of communication channels to propagate and promote publications
Participation in these activities will create more convenient opportunities for publishers and domestic release units dealing with copyright and business more effectively in the future. Besides, the publishing units need Search and exploit new books to publish and proactively integrate. This requires funding, staff with good foreign language skills and the sensitivity of bookmen. Because of the fact, books that refer to international partners are mostly in Vietnamese language. This is a huge limitation, because when not yet translated, the works of echoes in Vietnam have little opportunity to introduce widely to the world and are difficult to sell copyright. With the authors, requirements So the form of writing books in the current information technology age is like today. It is to focus on researching the topic, how to show publications to meet the trend of enjoying the books of foreign readers. In particular, besides choosing cultural topics, national history, it is necessary to reflect the social life, contemporary Vietnamese people. The writer must be in mind, in addition to "foreign export" to be booked, needed through books to bring Vietnamese culture to the world. The knowledge is knowledge, is intellectual, is a cultural measure of a whole nation. Therefore, exporting books is also an effective way, contributing to promoting the cultural field integration of our country with the world.

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