Open Tomb Of Tam Que, Revealing Confidently Stun

Ngo Tam Que is a famous character in Chinese feudal history. Therefore, when finding his grave in Guizhou Province, the decoding experts are big secret that many people misunderstand the novel by Kim Dung.In Chinese feudal history, Ngo Tam Que is the character There is a great influence. In 1644, Minh's house was on the verge of collapsing, the rebels were self-suffering from Beijing. In that situation, the force caused by General Ngo Tam Que was assumed with the Manchakure and let them overcome the Great Gloss of Truong Thanh

. Thanks to Ngo Tam Que, the Manchurian army enters the self-sufficiency, taking the North Sutra and establishing a house of Thanh.Ving later, Ngo Tam Que was sent to Binh Dinh provinces in the southwestern border. He led the conquest for 30 years and established the private government in Yunnan
No such, Ngo Tam Que also coalitions with the former Mary's former gods in Guangdong and Fujian and creating a trio-session. Although the involved soldiers failed, Ngo Tam Que still claimed to Emperor. Finally, he died soon after posting the disease because of the disease. Ngo Tam Que's life was mentioned by the writer Kim Dung in his work. In particular, many readers are impressively with this generals using a great bar weighing 25 kg thanks to the body force, strong hands. But, in the 1980s, the archaeological team found a grave at area of Camping Code in Guizhou Province. Research results show that this ancient grave is a place where to rest for thousands of thousands of corn. When entering inside the grave, experts have important findings about Tam Que's Ngo where people understand the needle's novel Suspective, in the grave of Ngo Tam Que, experts find a bastard that is supposed to be the weapon that this generals use in the conquests. But, contrary to the information of 25 kg weighs like Description of Kim Dung, weapons that experts found in ancient graves weighing only 10 kg. This shows that Ngo Tam Que does not use weapons with a "terrible" weight like Kim Dung described
This writer used his imagination to exaggerate the strength of Ngo Tam Que when using a weapon to kill the enemy. The readers watching the video: collapsing the restaurant in China, dozens of people were killed . Source: Thdt.Tam Anh (TH)

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