Opening Moskva International Air Show And International Universe 2021

On July 20, the 15th Moscow Air Exhibition and Universe (MAs-2021) opened at Zhukovsky Aviation Industry Complex, nearly 50 km southeast of Moscow City Center. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishutin and Sergey Shoigu Defense Minister attended the MAKS-2021 opening ceremony. The opening schedule of events, President V. Putin affirmed, over the past three decades, Maks Has become an important and popular playground to introduce the latest achievements of Russia and Foreign Airlines. It takes place lively discussions about the future of the global aircraft industry along with an interesting flight program

. The exhibition also witnessed the signing ceremony of contracts, opening up many opportunities for cooperation and implementation of mutual beneficial projects. Russian President V. Putin speech opening the MAKS-2021 exhibition
(Photo: President V. Putin said, despite the difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition still attracted the participation of hundreds of companies from over 50 countries The world attend. Putin affirmed that Russia opened the door cooperation in the field of aviation and astronaut with all countries interested in, especially the members of the Economic Union of Asia - Europe. V.Putin stressed : "Improving flying safety, reducing negative impacts of aviation to the environment, studying space in addition to Earth - These are areas where scientists, designers and experts from countries Different solidarity to achieve new breakthrough results. "At the event, the President V.Putin visited advanced aircraft models, universe universe devices and components. In particular, the head of Russia has been introduced to a new military fighter aircraft, a plane a light tactical tactical engine "Sukhoi"
This type of aircraft has breakthrough characteristics, including high flight performance, scouts and broadcasts. Russian leaders say, with what is displayed at this year's exhibition clearly shows that goods Non-Russia has a huge development potential and the country's aircraft industry continues to create competitive new aircraft. According to him, domestic airlines are receiving modern Superjet aircraft. In the near future, the latest major aircraft type MC-21 will be included in the routes. At this exhibition, this type of aircraft was modified with Russian PD-14 engines developed by Russia. A other remarkable passenger aircraft model of Russia is IL-114-300, which is set Next, fully tested and even introduced a series of Soviet Union series before, but in Maks this year it was a new version, fully modernized compared to the previous prototype. Russian President V .Putin visited MAKS-2021 exhibitions. (Photo: MASK-2021 attracted the participation of about 290 companies from more than 50 countries around the world in direct or online form. The event is also expected to attract about 300,000 visitors during the period of related events. Held in the context of translation of Covid-19 is complicated in Russia, the audience and people attending the MAKS-2021 exhibition must have a PCR test certificate or QR code to prove negatively with SARS virus- Cov-2. The MAKS exhibition is one of the world's largest exhibitions held by Russia every two years. Traditionally, the exhibition will introduce the latest achievements of the aviation and universe industry. A rich showing flight flight program of Russia's famous and foreign acrobatics flying teams and the best pilots will take place at the event. In total, about 80 aircraft participating in the flight program in the framework of single-shaped acrobatics and groups.Mask-2021 will last until July 25. The event was supported by the Russian Federal Ministry of Industry and Trade and the State Group on developing and exporting and exporting high-tech industrial products (ROSTEC) co-organized. Maks- International Air and International Space Show 2021 opened at Zhukovsky Aviation Industrial Complex. (Video: Ruptly) Visitors of MAKS-2021 international aviation and universe exhibitions. (Photo: Xinhua) Tumbling team of the Russian "Knight" universe forces participating in the demonstration. (Photo: Xinhua) About 80 aircraft will participate in demonstration in the framework of aerial acrobatics activities at the exhibition (Photo: Xinhua) Hoai Ha (according to, Xinhua)

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