Optical Illusion Turns The Island In Alaska Into ‘flying Saucer’ Hovering On The Water

The video spinning in Glacier Bay shows that Lone island seems to float on the water.02: 00/1: 49nam in the optical image in Alaska island into 'flying saucer' is hovering on the waterbarian of Glacier Bay Figure special moments from a boat in Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay Bay and Gllacier National Park shared the video on a personal Facebook page. Great video page shows that Lone island looks like a flying saucer on the water in the Gulf in Alaska. The name Fata Morgana deformed Lone Island in the area between the bay

. The island between the glacier turns into a UFO hovering on the water.Fata in Latin means 'Fairies' and Morgana are witches in the legend about King Arthur, 'Fata Morgana' evoke the idea of witches Has created magic to lure sailors to their death. The status creates illusion that appears when the sun heats the atmosphere on the ground or the sea
When a warm air layer is located on a cold air layer, it appears the lens effect, the light is bent when passing through the air layers with different temperatures. When the light from the train to the human eye Observation, it tends to be bent, so there is a feeling that the ship is higher than the reality. The rotary in Glacier Bay has impressed the netizens. Besides the amazing comments, there are still people who are 'fake' or just 'joke' of Glacier Bay employees. One of the staff said: "We don't waste time to Create photos, fake videos to share. This is the truth, everyone on the boat that day can certify this. Enjoy an interesting phenomenon of nature ". in June 2021 , Local people in Cyprus rushed to take pictures when he saw three large ships seemingly flying off the southern coast of Limassol city. It is also the result of the Fata Morgana phenomenon. The spooky illusion has also happened in the UK, some other phenomena are often seen in Cornwall, Devon and Aberdeensenshire earlier this year
In March, a photo snapshot in a beautiful coastal coast shows that the aircraft is hovering on the sea surface in Paignton, Devon. The illusionary image often appears popular in the Arctic region, but sometimes performing Winter out in countries like UK in suitable atmospheric conditions. Dung Dung (translation)

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