Optimistic Trends From Shopping Festivals On Lazada

9.9 shopping festival - 'genuine super sale, landing Lazmall' took place in 3 days from 9-9 to 11-9 on Lazada continuing to record prominent shopping trends. Consumers express optimistic shopping mental and prepare to return to normal new life.Lazada continues to be the leading e-commerce partner to help brands and sales homes stable and business development. Specifically, revenue and number of orders throughout the floor increased twice; The number of brands and vendors participating in the shopping festival this time also increased 1

.5 times compared to the 9.9-year shopping festival. James Dong, General Director of Lazada Vietnam and Thailand, said Lazada is one of the top choices of consumers as well as brands and sales homes in the 9
9 year's shopping festival. Lazada's efforts in expanding sources, strengthening discounted and free shipping incentives have brought a safe, economical and optimistic shopping experience for Vietnamese consumers before the translation situation The disease is more complicated today. "The data recorded from the 9.9 shopping festival on Lazada showed that consumers tend to be optimistic and prepared to return to normal new life. Article This brings great motivation for brands and sales homes to reap more success in shopping festivals on Lazada from now until the end of the year, "said James Dong.So with shopping festival 9.9 Last year, business results on Lazmall showed an increase in the need to buy quality and genuine products. And Lazmall, Lazada's genuine booth system, continues to become a reliable shopping channel in the time of distance. This comment is recognized through the total revenue and the number of shopping customers on Lazmall is doubled. In particular, the total number of orders increased 3 times
Shopping activities combined entertainment attracted large number of participants. These are activities that have helped consumers relax while collecting large offers vouchers and are also an effective sales channel for brands and saleshouses. Laptops, cosmetics and health-related products are prioritized by consumers. This also shows shopping trends to prepare to return to normal new life. Besides products that support learning and home-based at home such as laptops, learning tools, online courses, Cham products Health care, beauty, makeup and sports equipment are also product groups purchased a lot in shopping festival 9.9 years now ... Vu Phong

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